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    Angry Birds

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Nov 12, 2009

    Angry Birds is a physics-based game. You dish out revenge upon the green pigs for stealing the birds' eggs by firing the Angry Birds at the green pigs' castles.

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    The game features 318 levels spread across 8 differently themed episodes, each of which sees you attempting to destroy the green pigs by firing various types of "angry birds" using a slingshot with touch controls. In each level, you can gain up to a three star score based rating, which depends upon on how much scenery you destroy and how many birds you have left over at the end.

    There are over 20 secret golden eggs hidden throughout the game. They can be earned by completing levels or by finding them in hidden locations in the levels and menus.

    Types of Birds

    There are eight types of bird in the game, and most have a special ability that is activated by tapping the screen.

    • Red - The normal bird
    • Blue - Splits into three and is more effective against ice blocks than other types
    • Yellow - Speeds up and is more effective against wood blocks than other types
    • Black - Acts as a time bomb which will explode several seconds after initial impact or upon tapping the screen. The explosion is especially effective against stone blocks
    • White - Drops an egg bomb
    • Green - Boomerangs backwards
    • Big Red - Is heavier and causes more damage than a normal red bird
    • Orange - Inflates to many times its original size


    1. Poached Eggs
      - 63 Levels
      - Released December 2009
    2. Mighty Hoax
      - 42 Levels
    3. Danger Above
      - 45 Levels
    4. The Big Setup
      - 45 Levels
      - Released August 2010
      - Construction theme
    5. Ham 'Em High
      - 48 Levels
      - Released February - March 2011
      - Wild West theme
    6. Mine and Dine
      - 45 Levels
      - Released June - August 2011
      - Mine theme
    7. Birthday Party
      - 45 Levels
      - Released December 2011
      - 4 year anniversary celebration
    8. Bad Piggies - 45 Levels
    9. Red' Mighty Feathers
    10. Short Fuse
    11. Bonus - Surf and Turf
    12. Golden Eggs

    Mighty Eagle Add-On

    Announced on the official blog on December 23rd, 2010, the Mighty Eagle is available as an in-app purchase. The one-time cost is $0.99/£0.59/€0.79. The mighty eagle acts as a level skip on uncompleted levels, with a limit of 1 use per hour. On completed levels it adds an additional scoring system. If the player destroys 100% of the objects in the level with the eagle, a feather appears above the star ranking.


    The game is downloadable on the iTunes App store, including the full paid version, a free 'Lite' version containing 12 levels and a HD version for the iPad. It should be noted that unlike many Lite version of Angry Birds is not a demo in that the levels for it and the paid version are entirely separate.

    It can also be downloaded from:

    • Nokia Ovi store
    • Palm App Catalogue
    • Android Marketplace

    The game has also been released for the PS3, PSP, PC and Windows Phone 7. A Nintendo DS version is also announced to be in the works.

    The price for PS3 (PlayStation 3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) is $3.99. The game can be purchased off of the PSN (Playstation Network) store and Angry Birds is found under "mini".

    The game is free on Android Marketplace, although it is ad supported. It was also made available on the Google Chrome web store on May 6th 2011.


    In an interview with VentureBeat in August 2010, it was revealed over 6.5 million copies of the full version had been downloaded on the iTunes store and the Lite version had been downloaded over 11 million times. The game has topped the paid App charts in the iTunes store in over 60 countries.

    The game won Rovio Mobile the 2010 Best New Download IP Award at the Develop Awards in Brighton.


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