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Flappy Bird is an iOS and Android game known for its difficulty, as well as its unexpected rise to fame.

The gameplay is deceptively simple, a yellow bird (Faby) starts in the middle of the screen and falls downward; if he hits the ground, the player loses. Pipes appear in the stage via forced scrolling, and the goal of the game is to get Faby to navigate between as many pipes as possible. Like hitting the ground, hitting the pipe also results in failure. The player gets one point for every successful pipe they flap over. Many reviewers have noted the extreme difficulty of the game. Getting even one point is extremely challenging.

Although released in May of 2013 the game didn't really take off until January of the following year where it became the number one free app on the iOS app store. The rise to the top has been noted as extremely unusual and some have speculated that bots may have been involved, although the creator, Dong Nguyen, denies these claims and states that everything has been "organic" regarding Flappy Bird.

On 02/09/2014, Mr. Nguyen removed the game from Apple's iOS store and Google Play, stating on Twitter that the game had "ruined his simple life".

Prior to the game's mobile exodus, a Flash adaptation was released on browser gaming site Kongregate by user "maxblive". Following the game's removal, many websites have adapted the game for browser play to take advantage of the craze.

An official, upgraded port was released by Nguyen for Amazon Fire TV on August 1, 2014, called Flappy Birds Family.


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