Gym Diary - Boxercise.

Dear Duders.

Today is the day that I start my time at my local gym, for those unaware I wrote all about this in a previous blog that you can find here. So yes today was the first class, that class was Boxercise.

So I got their about 10 minutes early, I thought it best to get their early so I had time to find the lockers, toilets and take a quick look around. Upon arrival I was greeted by a nice women behind the counter who marked me in then showed me where the lockers was. I came back to find a few other early goers, one of which was a rather large man. I felt very happy seeing this rather large man, as it meant that this wasn't going to be a room full of muscle men. Although that would have been good to look at it would have made me very nervous as they would all run rings around me.

That man even talked to me for a bit, I then got talking with his wife(?) and already I felt comfortable. As time went on people piled up and there was quite a few people here, mostly females but 2 other males, one old one large. The rest were all middle age women, a few younger ones but none as young as me, again this made me feel quite comfortable. Then the teacher walked in and we got straight into it.

I found it very hard at first, as we started off with cardio, now don't get me wrong its not the "Oh this is so much effort" part of this that I wasn't to into. It was the "Oh my god what did she say, ok so left here right, oh crap forward, wait how many punches did she say?" I eventually got into it but it defiantly was not the best part about the lesson. That was just a warm up, soon after that the real lesson started.

We were split into teams, 1 and 2. People in group 1 had to wear boxing gloves while the second group had to get pads. We then got split into pairs, the person i got paired with was very friendly, always smiling and we ended up having a good natter during the class. As I work with 100% females and have done so for 3 years I know how to talk to women. The next 10 minutes was a series is different punches in time with the music, oh yes I forgot to mention a whole mess of music was played during the course, I don't really remember to many but it was all your standard techno/pop music. So there was 8 numbers, each number had a punch attached to it, so the first one was in order (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) which had us punching from high to low to jumping punch. It was a good workout, when we switched I found it a nice break.

Next we did an obstacle course of skipping then punching then running then punching then push ups then punching then squats then punching. It was a very good workout, my right arm is killing me and I write this, but hey thats probably a good thing. It was very fun, I ended up booking for the next two following sessions because I enjoyed it so much. All of the people in the group were friendly and there was no pointing and laughing whenever mistakes were made.

Look forward to another one of these tomorrow, spinning.