5 reason why Chuck is awesome (some SPOILERS)

 5. Random pop culture references:  When they have guest stars in the show, they always find a way to bring a different character that they have portrayed into the show.  The creators of the show are also the people who brought us the OC, and while I have never watched it, I have heard it is full of pop culture references.  Also, the use of crazy awesome music like "The Touch" by Stan Bush and "Tom Sawyer" by Rush is awesome.
4. Jeff and Lester: Some of the greatest side characters in any show bring so much humor and awesomeness to the show that we get to see how a bunch of idiots keep jobs like the one they have.  We can also see how some of our friends or maybe even how we see a little bit of ourself in them.  Also, they brought us the awesomeness of Jeffster and I hope that we can see them continue to be a big part of the show.
3. Morgan and Chuck: This is one of the greatest friendships that has been portrayed in a show and it really helps to sell how they interact with each other.  I know that I see a little bit of myself in both of them  and I am not sad about that.  When Morgan found out that Chuck was a spy, we got to see that he reacted just like we thought he would, by going nuts and learning all about what Chuck had actually been doing on all of those 'installs'.
2. Adam Baldwin:  Even though he plays pretty much the exact same character that he played in Firefly, he knows how to be serious and yet super hilarious.  He is such a great actor and knows how to act like a secret agent would act after he had been one for a really long time.  His reactions in the first season to Chuck were truly priceless, especially when he sacrificed his Crown Vic in order to let Chuck save Morgan from dying.  It has also been great exploring his background in many episodes and seeing that he was a normal person before the joined the government. 
1. The Awesome Guest Stars: Let me just list some of the guests that have been on the show and leave it at that- Chevy Chase, Scott Bakula, Bruce Boxleitner, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Kreuk, Brandon Routh(yes, he was horrible in Superman Returns but he was awesome in Chuck), Nicole Ritchie(yes, I know she is a fool, but she did a great job), Reginald Vel Johnson(one of the brilliant guest stars EVER), Robert Patrick and so many more.  If you look at some of the people who were a part of this show, you will be blown away by how many awesome people have been a part of this show.

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