Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

My list for Game of the Year is here. I did write a blog for each game and you can go to my profile page and check out all of them there. Each blurb for the game is a sentence from my blog entry on that game.

List items

  • "This is the best game of the year, for me, and it wasn't really close."

  • "I love open world games, Assassin's Creed and the Arkham games. This game takes all of them and combines them together in one amazing game. The ultimate reason this game became so great was the Nemesis system."

  • "When I started the year, if you had told me that Titanfall would be on my Game of the Year list, I would have called you crazy."

  • "Do you like racing games? Do you like arcadey racers that are just enough of a sim to make you work for it? Do you like easily spinning brodies and not doing anything else? If you answered any, if not all, of these questions yes then you will love this game."

  • "Instead of giving you an abilitease, like so many of these games do, you start out as a big loser who can't do anything. You are then killed by the villain of the game and then resurrected with the powers of a lucha libre wrestler."

  • "From having to direct Cartman when he lights his farts to just timing the shots of the arrows from Kyle(I think), it keeps you invested in the game and always keeps you coming back to play more."

  • "The tombs were amazing and a lot of fun when you were trying to traverse your way around to get the treasure. I went out of my way to find and play through all of them because I loved the puzzle aspect of them."

  • "I started the game and was immediately drawn in by the story. It was written so well and the voice actors did a great job of conveying the emotion of the game. The main villain was so well written as well. The actual animations and rendering of the characters was some of the best this year and really helped to bring me into truly being BJ."

  • "The time I was playing this game was during the summer and this is a perfect summer game."

  • "I then played through at leveled the character up to 70. I then decided to level each and every class up to 70. I even did a hardcore character that got up to level 70."