E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

HT101: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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  • I was not big on Halo after 3 but since playing some of ODST and the Reach beta, I am now seriously interested in this game. I also really loved the footage shown today during Microsoft's press conference.

  • The footage at Microsoft's conference was interesting and I think that it could be a good game but the gameplay looked seriously choppy. Need to see more before I get fully behind it.

  • The game itself looks pretty nuts and it just looks like it would be super fun to play.

  • The multiplayer looks great and from what I've read on the single player, it looks like they are doing a great job.

  • The first was pretty sweet even if it had some problems. I can't wait for more of the Starkiller saga though.

  • I loved both KOTOR and KOTOR 2 so I will probably love this game. I don't play MMOs but this might get me to play one. Also, Bioware is awesome.

  • While I am horrible at the MP in this game, I am interested to see how the story finishes. The new Beast mode also sounds pretty sweet as well.

  • The first one was amazing and the second one sounds like it will be even better.

  • I have just gotten back into Fallout 3 after playing other games and it is great. Can't wait to see what this one has to show us.

  • Assassin's Creed 2 was great and this looks like it will be just as good. The multiplayer component also sounds great.