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Best of 2010

HubrisRanger: Best of 2010

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  • An amazing, genre-defining game that has yet to show its true impact. The fact that the sequel is coming next year is a great delight.

  • It is Super Mario Galaxy. Only better.

  • The long-awaited send-up to Twin Peaks and Stephen King, this game mixed tense story telling with surprising humor, a well defined sense of place and Remedy's trademark third-person action to create a varied and addictive experience.

  • It is surprising that the Assassin's Creed team could make a follow-up in the span of a year that feels like such a full-fledged follow up. The refining of the open-world single player would have been enough, but add one of the most unique multi-player experiences in a while.

  • Yeah, its essentially a re-release with a new batch of characters, but the other smaller additions (better online functionality, tournament mode, etc.), all for a bargain price tag? Good time to be a fighting game fan.

  • Mature storytelling that blends adventure games, interactive movies and the best quick time events in the business. Hindered only by an occasionally cumbersome control scheme, though even those occasionally play part in the total immersion into David Cage's suspense thriller.

  • An amazing swan song for Bungie's run of Halo games; if this was another year, it would be a serious contender for my game of the year.

  • Minimalism game design at its finest.

  • Easily the best 3D Castlevania game ever made, it serves as the Best in Class for a busy year of character action games, besting even the grandad of them all, God of War. Also one of the best endings of the year.

  • This game really doesn't belong on this list. It is technologically broken in enough spots that I can't even really consider it worth suggesting to others. But the way that Obsidian designed personal and corporate relationships in this game, and how they ultimately affect the end, is worth recognizing. If BioWare or Bethesda took a few clues from their designs, it could possibly cause a roleplaying revolution.