Underrated Games I Really Liked

Small list of a few games I really enjoyed despite getting poor/low scores or just wasn't received very well.

List items

  • A lot of people didn't like this Bionic Commando. I thought it was great. I was amazed how well the hook worked in a 3D environments. On top of that the initial areas of the game are just great. Swinging through a post apocalyptic metropolis was awesome.

  • A launch title for new consoles. I think a lot of people didn't care for it. I thought not only did it look graphically great but the gameplay was actually pretty solid and so was the story. The way the disease kinda spreads from your arm over your entire body throughout the course of the game is really cool.

  • Maybe not as good as the original and I certainly had issues with the plot - this wasn't the piece of crap people seem to say it is.

  • I think a lot of longtime fans of the series didn't enjoy the reboot this did to the franchise. I know nothing of Castlevania except that the guy uses a whip. thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • People seem to have beef with the first AC. Altair is by far my preferred assassin between him an Ezio. I still believe AC1 along with all the shortcomings was going in the right direction and stayed more true to the assassin premise than all the other iterations that came out afterwards. The insane arsenal of weapons Ezios gets, the stupid DaVinci tie in..When you have an entire brotherhood with assassin leaders and scouts how can Ezio still be so clueless about everything? Anyway I like the first AC despite the repetitive nature.

  • Hey it was a fun game with a really unique graphical take. I really enjoyed the whole "this game takes place over the course of 24 hours" take on it.

  • Solid first person shooting. The scares were good. Everyone is like WOW they ruined it the first one is the best. Yah..uhh I don't know about that. The first one is hours and hours of monotonous office buildings. Second one is fun, nothing wrong with it.

  • Hey man, I like Star Wars. This game lets you live this power trip fantasy of being the kind of Jedi everyone wants to see - ruthless, calculating and super powerful. Sure Storm Troopers took 15 lightsaber hits to the face. Ultimately a lot of cool showpiece sections.

  • The aesthetic was great. I suppose the only really bad thing about it was that it was really easy. The platforming was great. This wasn't as great as Sands of Time but it was really well put together and the ending was pretty creative and touching.

  • With a title like that maybe it was tempting destiny a little too hard. Remember Me was extremely stylish and innovative, with a deeply fleshed out future that runs on commoditization as well as militarization of memories. Unique game mechanics ranging from a peculiar rhythm based combat system to an interesting memory scrubbing detective mini-game was a refreshing change of pace from your typical third person shooter. Additionally narrative elements that raised some very interesting questions about the ethics behind achieving your end goals made Remember Me a memorable experience for me.

  • This game actually reviewed fairly well but it seems like everywhere I turned people weren't very happy with it. Mostly it was the nature of the world and the mechanics of the quests that seemed more inline with an MMORPG than a single player RPG that seemed to agitate most - both of which I honestly had no problems with. What some people called MMORPG derivate I simply considered streamlined. I lost a lot of hours to Inquisition which were fun ones. It was not a game without faults, but ones that I was able to easily overlook in the grand scheme of things.

  • People hate a lot of things about this game! From the tone, the story to the protagonists himself, and thats not even mentioning the whole "graphical downgrade" kerfuffle. I actually enjoyed almost everything this game had to offer. The driving physics felt good, with different cars having very distinct handling that wasn't too realistic but still maintained appropriate "weight" to what you were steering. The hacking felt like a fun way to interact with your environment. All too often these open world games tend to feel like very static objects in which you move around like a rat in a maze. Being able to do small things like open gates or switch off lights was a tiny step that went a long way in making you feel like you can actually influence your surroundings. The story while the weakest part had it's high points as well and I didn't really mind the main protagonist all that much. A typical revenge story with some darker shades thrown in here and there. As a fan of open world games with driving and stealth, I got that in spades and enjoyed it quite a bit! Looking forward to the sequel.

  • This one was a lot more flawed than the original. I don't think a lot of people really had high expectations since the first game already poisoned the well so much in everyones mind. Still the combat remained fun and the upgrade loop kept me hooked. There aren't a lot of character action games out there anymore.