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GOTY 2013

I guess I missed 2012 which either means the games were terrible that year or that I wasn't motivated enough to make a list about it. Probably the latter but now that I think about it I'm pretty sure it was because Lists were consistently broken in 2012.

List items

  • Technically a 2012 release but the Dark Arisen edition brings about some important changes and adds an entirely new dungeon area. Easily the most interesting and mechanically innovative RPG of this console generation.

  • Another great Rockstar release. It fixed a lot of the issues I had with past entries and the Online while initially completely broken, later on kept me entertained for literally dozens of hours.

  • Along DmC an outstanding reboot for a series in dire need of one. The controls were perfect. The world: interesting and open ended. The action sequences simply spectacular and the gunplay challenging and enjoyable. Add smaller flourishes like fun upgrades that unlike so many other games are visually represented in the game world and this is one amazing game. Kudos.

  • A good story that kept me playing on the edge of my seat, craving to find out more about the world and it's inhabitants. It's too bad that near the halfway mark, it was ONLY the story that kept urging me forward, as the combat much like in previous Bioshock entries felt lacking.

  • Much like Bioshock, it was the story that kept me going. Great world building, great back drop and some amazing direction in plot development. Sadly the gameplay for me was a distraction rather than the meat of the total package.

  • Great game, good reboot, fun times if you just let go of all your preconceived notions about Devil May Cry and accept that you can have fun in a different way.

  • Ironically a game quickly forgotten by many - it featured a strong female protagonist that didn't wear exploitative future-bikinis. Interesting game mechanics of remixing memories combined with an innovative rhythm-like combat system made for a uniquely entertaining romp in the stunning futuristic vision of Paris.

  • Unique graphic style and some really mind bending puzzles culminate in one of this years best video game endings for me.

  • Many hated it and /some/ people had real issues with "the moon" but at the end of the day it was more solid Dead Space. Was it the best Dead Space yet? Certainly not, and not all ideas turned out as well in practice as I'm sure they did on paper, but I still had my fair share of fun stomping Necromorphs and building zany weapon combinations.

  • It's not technically finished and it isn't really a top contender for me but dangit I wanted to have 10 items on the list and I had a ton of fun with this game. Coming from the guys that made Dark Sector - a game that I actually enjoyed quite a bit for what it was - they were finally able to realize their original vision without a publisher twisting their arms and repeatedly yelling "GEARS OF WAR!!" Once they figure out what the endgame is - if such a thing can exist in a perpetually changing Free-to-Play title - this will be a great game. So far though, it's /pretty/ good.