Completing My 360 Games...

So I'm working on completing most of my 360 games before I pick up some new ones...

Currently Working On...

BioShock - 785/1100

Doing a playthrough with my girlfriend as she has yet to see how this game turns out in anticipation for BioShock 2. Planning on getting Weapon Specialist, Prolific Photographer, Research PhD, Avid Inventor, Tonic Collector, Historian, Irony, and Found Cohen's Room on this single playthrough. Then when she's had her fill I'll do a quick Brass Balls runthrough to finish it off.

[Prototype] - 700/1000

Personally playing through this a second time to grab Nice Guy, and Hard To Kill which basically requires me to play through the game without consuming more than 10 civilians and to not get killed. Should be interesting. I'm being lame and doing it on Medium. Currently about 30% finished.

FUEL - 180/1000

I can already see this one being a total bitch. Yea it's amazing that the game is so huge, but the problem is, the game is so huge. I've only finished the "Offshore Shack Camp" so far...Haven't really felt the need to pick it up again lately...

Fight Night Round 3 - 900/1000

After putting this one off and off for months I've finally decided to come back and crank out that last Title Fight to get a full 1000/1000 in this boxing classic. Once I finished the Everlast Title fight I'll most likely trade this in. Maybe to save a few bucks on my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition I pre-ordered :)

Last Achievement Unlocked

Aegis Wing - Halfway Point - 5G - Finish Mission 3 on any difficulty.

Happy Gaming :) I'll update soon!