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Best of 2010

imsh_pl: Best of 2010

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  • The best multiplayer and community experience I've ever had playing a video game. If you give this game a chance, it won't let go; you'll be watching replays, tournaments, listening to podcasts, watching shoutcasts and playing every chance you get. Along with Persona 4 my favorite game of all time.

  • Guys at BioWare managed to create the ultimate RPG experience. It's up to you to make every decision, be it the fate of your teammates or the survival of an entire race. This, and the perfected combat formula form the previous Mass Effect make this game my favorite non-japanese RPG. I'm commander Shepard, and this is my favorite RPG of the year.

  • Heavy Rain can be labeled as an adventure game, but it's actually an incredibly emotional experience. The game's decision making is driven to perfection, making you the only one to decide the fate of the game's four protagonists. Even though the game has some plot holes, Heavy Rain was the first game to actually make me cry.

  • The God of War franchise's always been about killing gods and creatures from the Greek mythology in the most brutal ways available. And the series' finale delivers. A game that'll make your jaw drop, God of War III is not only one of the best looking games this year, but also masters the well-known hack 'n' slash formula to perfection. If you suddenly feel like ripping something greek apart, have a quick session of God of War III.

  • I'm somewhere in the middle of this abomination, yet I couldn't risk it not being awarded points. Super Meat Boy is a game that demands perfection, and is so fuc*ing addictive you don't ever want to stop running forward. The incredible design, tons of levels and collectibles make you want to play and hate super meat boy endlessly. Add the amazing soundtrack and you've got yourself one of the best game of the year, and without a doubt one of the best platform games of the decade.

  • Picross 3D brings a whole new dimension to the table, with its innovative and extremely addictive gameplay. The game's pacing is perfect, giving you an incredible feeling of accomplishment every time you solve a puzzle. This is how handheld games should look: simple concepts, deep mechanics, addictive gameplay and the ability to be played at any time.