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Guitar Hero: World Tour - Review (PS3) 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comGuitar Hero is a household name when it comes to music gaming.  Red Octane and Harmonix created a masterpiece the revolutionized how we interact in gaming with Guitar Hero, and redefined how this genre could grow with Guitar Hero II which eventually made a jump to next gen.  This was a positive trend until Activision acquired the franchise and it pretty much all went to shit from there.  Im going to warn you now that if your a Guitar Hero fan boy yo...

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Shatter - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comShatter is a Playstation Network exclusive downloadable game, that is very much the Pong of the future, only lacking holograms.  For $7.99 you are certainly getting your moneys worth out of this brick breaker. Story: Your a sci-fi super futuristic….paddle….shield..thing……with a super laser needle gun Presentation: Shatter reminds me alot of Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360.  It has a similar aesthetic, but not as plain.  You bounce a glowing yellow “...

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Street Fighter IV (PS3, PC) - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comStreet Fighter IV is the first true Street Fighter release in nearly 10 years.  Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the series, Capcom has released this polished JEM onto the Next Gen Scene with Old School roots.  Its been a long time coming, but has Capcom delivered on a definitive sequel to a classic?  Has Capcom waited to long.  Read on my friends, read on… Story: If you take in consideration all of the sub stories, sub releases, anime, and comi...

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Infamous - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comInfamous is a Playstation 3 exclusive game by Developer SuckerPunch who are known for the SlyCooper games on the Playstation 2.  Imfamous is one of those rare games that can really deliver the “Hero” and or “Villain” experience like no game before it. Story: You are Cole McGrath, a delivery boy who is suckered into delivering a bomb that mysteriously grants you the ability to manipulate lightning and electricity.  You can be a Hero and be the good ...

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3) - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comFINALLY a franchise worth revitalizing and refurbishing!  Ghostbusters is notorious for having some of the worst movie to game products in the history of Video games.  With the 25th Anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters 1 the movie and the double BlueRay re release, Columbia pictures has teamed up with Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis for what has to be the definitive Ghostbusting experience, written and produced by the two brilliant minds that bro...

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Punchout Wii - Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comPunchout in a nutshell is the NES and SNES game remade almost to a fault.  The controls are similar, the basic concept is exact which consists of timing blocking and punching, usually in that order. Story: Your Little Mac the underdog, you have an annoying trainer, and you have green boxing gloves.  Your goal is to punch dudes in the face, particularly almost racist charactures and stereotypes.  Your mission is to become the World Champion! Presenta...

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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core – Review 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core – ReviewFinal Fantasy VII is arguably the most popular of ALL Final Fantasy’s, as well as arguably the best as well.  When Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was announced in japan for BlueRay, you better believe it was a console seller and that was just the M O V I E.  When a movie drives hardware sales above any games you know you have something special.  The popularity of the series (Which I will note is my favorite...

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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3) - Review 0

His Favorites...or YOUR favorites? You Decide. For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE sega.  I mean I LOVE Sega.  I would be one of those crazy morons sitting in front of BestBuy at 2am hoping to get my hands on on of the few rare Dreamcast 2’s (Yes….a long unfulfilled dream….I know….).  I also was a crazy Sega fan when it was the SNES vs the Genesis.  The glory days, when gaming was an obsession shared by like minded individuals and years away from the casual “in thing” hippy wagg...

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Battlefield 1943 (PS3) Review 0

Review from:  http://bngames.basicallynothing.comI thought long and hard about what game I was going to review first, Killzone 2 was the game that came to mind first, but I figured id stick with something not everyone has played yet, and something Ive been playing allot of.  Seeing as this is my first text review for the site im going to breakup the review into four sections, we can tweak the format later to see what works best for future reviews.  The categories are as follows:  Story, Presenta...

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Burnout Paradise (PS3, PC) - Review 2009 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comI am going to just straight out say it: Burnout Paradise is the best Next Gen game to come out on any platform yet.  There, I said it.  You can now stop reading this and go buy it if you haven’t.  If you have not bought this game yet, go do so, THEN read my review.  I don’t care what console or PC you buy it on, just buy the damn game already, nothing im about to say is going to sway your opinion otherwise.  If you consider yourself a gamer, or even...

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Best Point-N-Click of ALL TIME 0

One of the greatest games to ever come out of LucasArts that was NOT a Star Wars game, Full Throttle is one of the last great examples of point and click adventure.  Excellent well rounded characters fill the desolate landscape where rouge Biker gangs roam the country side looking for trouble.  A tale of Lies, Espionage, and betrayal packaged with some of the best dialogue ever written and performed in a game, and a first of its kind in its time.  Now considered abandonware, it is now emulated b...

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