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Predictions about Project Cafe launch titles

Nintendo has spent the last hardware generation with underpowered gaming systems between the Wii and DS. With the announcment of Project Cafe rumors suggest that Nintendo is focusing more on graphics and power with their system. If there is a focus on graphics they are going to need to prove the systems capabilities right out the of the gate. I believe there is no better developer to put trust in accomplishing this more than Retro Studios.

 Retro has developed some of the finest looking and playing games for both the Wii and Gamecube. They have primarily made Metroid games with the Prime series, and many would assume they would continue the series on the new system. I would prefer to see their next game be entirely original, and they have shown they could do more than Metroid games after releasing Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010. Although I wouldn't neccessarily be dissapointed with a new Metroid.

 Would anyone else like to see Retro develop a launch title, or is there another developer some would like to see in the launch window?