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Super Smash Bros. 3DS

When the 3DS was revealed it came with an overwhelming amount of software announcements. I was only thinking about what is being done on the 3DS and not what could be done. I was contemplating how Ocarina of Time would incorportate 3D, or if Paper Mario would be a remake or an all new entry to the series. I can't complain about the early support and amount of releases, but I'm kind of greedy and still want more. I want to see Super Smash Bros. make its way to the 3DS. The team behind the new Kid Icarus probably know the hardware better than anyone, and they are also the team behind the Smash Bros series. 
The first time I thought about Smash Bros. for the 3DS I was looking through the trophy section of Brawl. When I was rotating and observing the trophy I thought to myself, this would be cool in 3D. I began to think that every element of Smash Bros. seems suitable for the 3DS. The core gameplay and all those other little modes could be presented well on the 3DS system. 
The main gameplay of Smash Bros. takes place in 3D environments with a 2D perspective. Layering these levels together could make for an impressive stereoscopic 3D effect and the environments and characters could seemingly jump out at you. The gameplay would remain entirely intact, but you would be more immersed if a 3D effect was pulled off properly. 
A particular element in Brawl stood out as a proper fit for 3D and that is the final smashes. The final smash could look spectacular on the 3DS, and a great example would be Solid Snakes final smash. When he is able to pull his move off he literally jumps to the front of the screen weilding his machine gun to clear the playing field. On the 3DS he would actually seem as if he left the screen, in order to do his final smash. That is only one example, and I believe 3D could improve most of the smashes in one way or the other. 
The 3DS is not all about sterioscopic 3D, and other functions of the system could improve the game. Nintendo has spoke about improving the online for their systems starting with the 3DS. Everyone probably agrees with me that Brawl's online was abysmal, and it could rarely work with out extreme amounts of lag. If Nitendo is serious about improved online capablities they could a Smash Bros. 3DS run smooth as silk. 
Even though sterioscopic 3D seems like a novelty I really do believe it would be a good fit for the Smash Bros series. The people out there that don't want 3D can just turn the effect off and they would still have new elements to enjoy. A smooth online component is the only necessity, but the 3DS could add so much more to the series. Did I mention that the 3DS may surpass the Wii's graphic capabilities? Thats just something else to think about.
What do you want in a Super Smash Bros. 3DS title?