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Best of 2009

InuFaye: Best of 2009

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  • Great game all the way through. Perfectly paced roller coaster ride.

    MP is not too shabby either.

  • People bitch about the single player. I call it the Bouncer 2. Also this is the best fighting engine tekken has ever had.

    Post Patch online is perfectly playable.

  • So fucking addicting just clicking on stuff. Brings back alot of memories of Diablo and I cant wait for the MMO from these guys.

  • Amazed at how much its improved since the first one. Cant wait for AC3.

  • So much fun Co-op. Single player sucks a big dong because of the AI. Add in mercenaries and unlockables, and you just found digital cocaine.

  • Mo'fockin surprise of the year. When I first saw this game I went hrmmm, " Why doesnt aksys just make another GG?" Well im glad they didnt because I fucking hate Guilty Gear.

    Surprise since this game is similar. I think its the drive mechanic that separates it out.

  • Great dungeons, great music, even if the train and overworld can be stale at times.

  • Great remake of a PS1 classic. Hella oldschool and different from most JRPGs, and probably turned some away. Not me, loved it.

  • Another great Bioware RPG. After the lackluster Mass Effect I thought they had lost it. Combat can be a bit slow and tedious, but its still alot of fun.

  • The best Strategy game is on a console? YOU HAVE GONE MAD GOOD SIR! No I have not, and I must poor one out for Ensamble. RUST IN PEACE.