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Disappointments of the year 2014

The games that I felt were not up to snuff. Not all games will have been released this year but as I have said before I just don't have the money to buy games like that.

List items

  • I hate this game. I was unable to play it for more than 2 hours due to how much everything annoyed me. The characters, the environments, the pacing, the skill trees, the weapons - it's almost nails over a chalkboard to me. I really enjoyed the first one but this burnt me out on the series faster than a psycho midget at a rave.

  • On everyone's list, that had the misfortune to play it..though there are a lucky few who see something in it that the majority do not. Bland with little in the way to make it interesting beyond the 1-20 grind before it hits you with it's weird post game progression system and RNG nonsense.

  • What will be considered by many an odd choice, I felt this game went from being an atmospheric first person stealth game to 'lets hide from the rubber banding alien who gets stuck on scenery and is just annoying rather than scary.' It went from 'wooooaah' to 'uninstalling' in about 2 hours. So much promise so poorly delivered.

  • -_-

    They streamlined the story mode..which I find annoying but understandable and then go and mess around with the inputs? Really grated on me after CSE was so well made..and then of course they announce CP Extend...kinda done now.

  • I will never claim that Ken's Rage was a fantastic game, but it was a great Hokuto not. It takes away the combat system and the upgrade tree, replacing them with a mess and a dodge move.

  • Removed the sidescrolling levels, levelling up and the Cosmo power up effect leaving just an uprezzed version of SS:Hades on Ps2 with added story...highly disappointed.

  • The Wii version in particular.

    There's something off about the movement in this game and it just..puts me off. I like the return to the corridors etc but there's just something not right. Also the enemy design is terrible and that first boss is annoying.

  • Again, not a terrible game but one which is a step back in most ways from it's predecessor Nier. The story is great, Zero especially is fantastic but the combat engine is..serviceable and the frame drops aren't great. Something that could have been much better.

  • Don't get me wrong, it's a great game in and of itself but it could have been a lot more. This is probably the least 'disappointing' in this list, but the upgrade system with the weapons is terribly limited compared to WO3 and the lack of items doesn't help.

  • Glitchier, longer load times, worse move strings than before, crappy story mode, still no Showa riders, removed the animation that sees you jumping on the bike rather than having it sidle up to you to get on...there's not much I actual like about this game compared to the first one. I couldn't care less about the movie forms to be honest. Nice to see Gaim but that's about it.