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  • 2009 seemed like a year in which a lot of developers made games with gameplay referred to colloquially as "old-school." Dragon Age: Origins is the first western RPG where I was literally left paralyzed by the amount of choices in the game. The world of DA:O is rich and intriguing, and the tale of political strife livens up a story that is otherwise just about orcs trying to kill all the humans. This is another RPG that I will have to revisit again and again until I have seen EVERYTHING.

  • Yet another great example of old-school gameplay that was revisited in a modern context this year. Shadow Complex scratched an itch for 2D exploration/platforming/item collecting that I've had since the last GBA iterations of Metroid. Also, it's important to note that at the $15 price point, it is quite simply the best value in gaming for 2009. For that $15, you get a game that you will be revisiting again and again, that has more polish than most $60 titles.

  • While the Campaign still left a bit to be desired, the stellar additions to the Multiplayer mode and the frustrating (but ultimately rewarding) Special Ops mode make this the most fully featured game of 2009. It will also be the 2009 game that I will be playing the most in 2010.