Which Club Nintendo Platinum Award Should I Pick?

Before you read this, read Ryan's article.  Now since you have read that, you guys get to help me.  I'm kinda going towards the WiiWare game since that is the only way to get that game but, the Mario hat does look rad.  I think the WiiWare game would be fun for like 20 minutes then get old fast.  I may as well get Punchout!! instead.  Maybe I should get the hat instead.  AAAGH!  I can't decide.  What do you guys think I should get?  (Sorry for the goofy table.)     EDIT:  I should have put in a poll.  Oh well.  I will just read the comments.

EDIT 2:  After thinking, I chose the Mario hat.  The Doc Louis game would be cool but, it would get old fast.

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! vs Mario Hat

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