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After 10 million years, I finally changed my Twitter picture!

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Who would have thought streaming would be fun.

Did somebody say video games?
Did somebody say video games?

Just making a short little blog post here. Not going to attach this to the forums because this is mainly self advertising. Lately I have been doing a lot of streaming and it's been a blast. I have played around with it before, but just a few weeks ago I have started doing it more often. Of course I just started so the presentation and many other things are professional.

Right now all I really can do is stream from my PC so I will mainly be playing whatever my PC can run. PC games, emulators, etc. Right now I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (Emulator or course) with the English Patch and it's been great fun.

If you feel like watching me fail at video games and hear me say the F word a lot (and I mean a lot) then why not stop by!

The stream can be found over at Twitch TV ( I usually stream late nights. Usually around 11:00 PM CST due to work and all that shizz. I try to post stream updates on my Twitter ( as well if I decide to not stream or if the stream is having problems like internet going out, etc.

Well, I guess that's it. Sorry for the shameless advertising, but hey, you gotta spread the word some how.

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