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Kick Ass Handheld Games

This is a list of kick ass handheld games that people should play.
In no particular order of course.

List items

  • The first Super Mario Bros. PLUS The Lost Levels and a fun Challenge mode in one cartridge? One of the best games the Gameboy Color has to offer and one of the best launch titles of all time.

  • A fantastic turn based RPG that fits right in your pocket! Great music, huge world, goofy humor, fantastic new characters, great boss fights, and so much more! Easily one of the best RPGS on the GBA.

  • A great handheld version of one of the best fighters ever. With great games modes and an "easy mode" for moves, it's a great game for anybody that is a fan of the genre. SHORYUKEN!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the best or THE best racing game on PSP. Takes what is so great about the series and puts it on the small screen. CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRASH!

  • By far one of the best puzzle games on the DS. With a selection of many planets, tons of unlockables, a great sountrack, a solid multiplayer component, and goofy alien like characters, it's hard not to love this game. The only thing this game doesn't have is online support.