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2014 Game of the Year.

Top 5 for my game of the year list, I haven't played some things that I'd have liked to but here it is.

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  • Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor is a fantastic game, probably the first game I played that screamed "Next-Gen" at me, not through its graphics (though they are great) but through the Nemesis system. This has been talked about in abundance so I'll save the hassle of explaining it and just say that it's something that I believe open world games will borrow from for a long time. It's the definitive selling point of this game and it's the system that elevates SoM from just being a great open world game to (surprisingly, for me) being the best game that has came out this year.

  • (WII U VERSION) The wealth of content in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is miles ahead of nearly every game that came out this year. It is a Nintendo fans dream - references and fan-service everywhere and in the best possible way. I think what stops this game from reaching number 1 for me is that it's just the best Smash Bros. game, it hasn't done anything particularly revolutionary.

  • Absolutely insane, incredibly enjoyable. Improved on the first game (that also came out this year) in pretty much every way and kept me entertained throughout the 20+ hour story. Too bad that as a Vita game in a niche genre, it'll never really get the exposure it probably deserves.

  • It's a really good Mario Kart game! The game looks incredible - so bright and colourful. It plays like a dream as well and it's relatively easy for people to get into. The best Mario Kart since MK DS.

  • Absolutely nailed the look and feel of the show. Writing is fantastic and I was laughing throughout, the RPG elements were also well done and didn't feel tacked on. This is definitely the bar that has to be met when it comes to using licenses as means for video games.