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Games that didn't come out in 2014 that I enjoyed a lot in 2014.

Playing games from 2014 was hard considering these games were around.

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  • A great JRPG with some fantastic music and some fun characters. It also only lasted 17 hours. This game respects the fact that you probably don't want to spend 60 hours grinding!

  • Speaking of 60 hours... well, yeah, it's Persona 4 so it didn't feel like 60 hours. Though I guess it was. I got a vita and I kind of had to get this right? Goddammit.

  • I beat Olmec after 20 hours! I felt at peace with the world. Thanks Patrick.

  • I got a Wii U this year mainly to play this and it's so fun. Like, if they delayed this a few months it would have been my game of 2014. Mario's still good y'know.

  • I finally got a PC that allowed me to play this with highest settings at 60fps. Fantastic game, I completed it and started again. It took up a lot of early 2014.

  • It's always there... it's always saying "Hey, you know what you need to do? Go for the science victory this time." No, I don't need to do that, I have to play other games because video games, leave me alone... well I suppose Korea's a good civ for a science victory, maybe I should give it a shot.

  • You know what games I enjoy right now? Rogue-like-like-...-likes. Or something. This is one of those games.

  • Baseball in this game is so funny, especially with all the dumb Miis I made in 2006 playing. I can't even remember who half these people are and why the hell is Peter Griffin playing?

  • The whole mainline series, 1-4. They're all really quite good. I doubt I'd have played them if MGScanlon wasn't a thing. Thanks guys.