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Getting into paintball

I played a few times over the years, but recently I've really been getting into it with some friends.  I just got my own gear the other day, used for a good price.  It's great not having to pay for rentals anymore, and it's fun to upgrade and maintain.  It makes all the difference owning your own stuff.  I just have a basic tippmann 98 (platinum series) because I play woodsball not speedball, and I'm getting a nice 12" lapco barrel and a dye i4 mask soon in the mail, as is my friend.  Can't wait to try the barrel and mask in a couple weeks.
edit:  and now I've got a Tippmann A5, with e-grip and double trigger, a good air tank, a barrel adapter so I can use that same 12" barrel with t98 threads, and a proto pro axis camo mask.  Woo!  I'm all set.