Games Completed: 2012

Last year I wanted to play more current releases and I think I did a good job of accomplishing that goal in the back quarter of the year. I suppose I'll strive for the same goal this year, but I'd also like to make sure and play many older games too. Perhaps ones that are more worthy of going back and playing. Then again look at what I'm starting this list off with...

List items

  • Completed January 2. Picked this up today and my friend and I played through it. My impressions:

  • Completed January 16. Picked this up during the holidays; it was on sale on PSN. My impressions of the first episode which I feel are applicable to the entire package:

  • Completed February 8. I've been bringing my 3DS with me to school this semster and rather than simply playing Pokemon like I always do, I thought I'd play this. I've had it for a year or two now and had never played it. I'm glad I did. My impressions:

  • Completed March 4. I began playing this the day after Christmas and it's the reason I haven't completed many games thus far. But man, completing Skyrim is a doozy! Truthfully though I'm not done with Skyrim. I completed the main quest, yet I haven't completed any guild quests, picked a side in the war, plus I still have tons of side quests to undertake. I decided to plow through the main quest so I could at least have that done before playing Mass Effect 3. I finished just in time too!

  • Completed March 20. I played through this with my girlfriend after hearing positive buzz for it from the Giant Bombcast. It's a different experience, very much open to experimentation and interpretation. My impressions:

  • Completed March 21. I picked this up at WalMart, clearenced to five buckaroonies so I couldn't resist. My friend and I played through it in one sitting and I've gotten my fill of AC/DC for LIFE! Nah, they're not exactly my style, but I enjoy many of songs and I have much respect for them. My impressions:

  • Completed March 22. I redeemed some Club Nintendo coins for this as a downloadable 3DS game. Love the Picross games but hadn't played this one at the time. My impressions:

  • Completed March 30. I actually completed the version and that was such a fun, fun, fun time!!! In all seriousness, it wasn't. I did go through the game as Akira though and unlocked a special character so I'm adding it to the list. My impressions:

  • Completed April 3. My friend and I played through this in three sessions. I've had the collector's edition for years now and I'm glad to have finally played it. My impressions:

  • Completed April 11. What a game! I'll post my impressions of it soon but I'm delighted with it and that includes the ending. My impressions:

  • Completed May 17. An okay hack-and-slash featuring a samurai in the Wild West. My impressions:

  • Completed June 1. Originally released as an arcade game, I played this Dragon's Lair type game on my iPod. My impressions:

  • Completed June 13. I bought this previously in a Humble Indie Bundle (IV I believe) and after buying the most recent one (as of this writing), I decided I should play one of my Steam games. This was always super appealing to me so I hooked my laptop up to my TV, plugged in a 360 controller, and spent a few days playing this. My impressions:

  • Completed July 18. Been playing this pretty much since I beat Mass Effect 3. I've gotta say, Rockstar can craft characters. If there's one thing that should be remembered about this game, it's the people. That being said, basically everything else about it is fantastic too.

  • Completed August 7. Dug Luigi's brief, humorous adventure. My impressions:

  • Completed August 18. Completed the NES version's three stages during the Leonard 2012 Video Game Olympics.

  • Completed September 8. Wow, I'm so glad I finally got around to playing this. Like most, I came to experience the series after hearing a plethora of accolades. I remember buying Metal Gear Solid in the early 2000s and digging it. It was Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty that prompted the most praise from me however. I skipped out on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (something I regret now) but it didn't hurt my appreciation for this game.

  • Completed November 10. After a long period of wanting to play a wealth of Pokemon games, I devised a plan. I decided to play them over and transport my Pokemon into one of the more recent games to have a consolidated collection. I decided to start with LeafGreen because the GBA games were the oldest titles that could transport Pokemon into the newest titles (the DS games) and because they're remakes of the original generation, a logical start. By the way, search out the song for the Sevii Islands (Islands 4 & 5), known as Nanashima 4-5 Islands on the soundtrack.