canada pays more for games again

game makers are raising the prices of games by 5 or ten dollars this fall. halo 5, fallout 4, star wars battlefront are the ones i've noticed so far but i'm sure there will be others in time. now i know the canadian dollar isn't as strong as the good old green back; and i know that the game makers need to make money, but when the canadian price goes up again and the US price doesn't change at all i have to think somethings up.

how do we stop this? can we stop this? the answer is simple. DON'T BUY IT AT THIS PRICE!! when they see that sales are down after prices went up maybe they will bring the prices back down. or maybe the price on games are like the prices on gas. you complain about them going up but you pay it anyway because we all know no one is going to stop driving just like no one is going to stop playing video games.

thank you i to get that out.

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games i liked this year part 2

i forgot a "few" so here's part 2:

dmc: devil may cry

gta V (not gta online as fat as i'm concerned they are seperate games set in the same city)

cookie clicker

kentucky route zero

rogue legacy

the walking dead season 1 - when you finish, people will die and you will feel horrible no matter what you chose, i did. a couple of time i was like "but i was trying to save (insert name here) not kill them."

guacamelee gold (gold)

civ V add-ons: gods & kings, brave new world

hotline miami

papo y yo (steam)





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games i liked this year

not all were published this year some are games i finally got to this year:

bioshock inifinite (loved the story)

battlefield 4 (despite the early problems)


metro last light

the wolf amoung us

killer instinct (XBONE)

divinity II: TDKS 360

state of decay

call of juarez gunslinger

farcry 3 blood dragon


minecraft 360


forza horizon


riduclous fishing

tiny death star

the simpsons: tapped out

the room

game of the year seems kinda dumb. this one game is the best game of the year because i say so. IYO maybe, but IMO it could be something else entirely. so if you like it or don't that's fine you're not required to. just respect other peoples opinions, because you do have to do that.


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Bad (or Good) Engrish part 1

i found this and just had to share it. Hi Larry Us.

the text is from here double dragon II remake (2013)

"This is a remake “Double Dragon II” a 80’s game. The story line takes same as original game story. However, the graphic, character, action, system etc. are change. Also we are including new stage and enemy in the game. The player will be addicted to new version of Double Dragon II. Also, characters are undressed from 80’s style, and recreated with modern sexy and beautiful style that amaze you and feel never been experienced world before."

i have heard of bad engrish but THIS IS BAD engrish.

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time for the flood

we are the beginning of this years deluge of releases. after what was a pretty quiet summer the first of the fall releases i'm buying comes out next tuesday (SF25 + borderlands 2), and i think for once i'm ready. i've finished a bunch of games this summer; lollipop chainsaw, dust, sleeping dogs, borderlands; played a bunch of games i've yet to finish; oblivion, battlefield 3, minecraft (can you ever really finish minecraft?). anyway the point is i'm ready for something new.


e3 prognostications

just a few predictions for E3. some factual, some fictional.

1. more info if not finally specs for the wii u, release date, etc.

2. assassins creed 3 info

3. call of duty details

4. halo 4 details

5. fire pro wrestling 360 info

6. "next" gen consoles rumors

7. pokemon wii u

8. viva pinata

9. borderlands 2

10. tekken x street fighter


do kill-streaks break games?

in my opinion i feel that the kill-streaks breaks games. if you can't get a big enough kill-streak, then it's useless. also kill-streaks encourage good players to get better, and punish the rest of us.

I'd much rather have the system used in homefront. where you earn points, and if you earn enough you can call in the fancy toys.


price and ratings

why is it that when a game gets a 7 its considered low ? why do all games have to be $60+ each? isn't there space for budget titles say $40 or less. and don't drop prices because they sell well. shouldn't you just have your games cost $40 - $50.

we all know that movies with middling reviews may not win any awards but we still watch them. now you might say that this is because that movies cost less to watch. but you still have to WANT to spend your time watching them. the same can be said for games. we play them because we WANT to. wouldn't we want to spend more time and money if the games cost less?

the only reason that these games cost so much is $$$. it takes money to make games. so they want a return on the investment ASAP. but if you know your game is going to sell well, say 10,000,000 copies, would you sell more if the game cost less?


is this fair?

duke nukem forever was #2 in sales from 5/29/11 through 7/2/1. while these good games have sold poorly child of eden (30,000+) and shadows of the damned(20,000+). gearbox/2K marketed the fuck out of Duke, but EA couldn't be bothered to advertise shadows even a little bit. come on EA what's the point of having a partners program if you won't support your partners?

mind you i don't know how you would market child of eden......

bottom line: how can you expect people to know about these games IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM?

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