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Time is short. Think back! WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN?? 0

   I’m not in the business of reviewing multiplayer games. In fact, I’m not in the business of any sort of business. This review of Call of Duty: Black Ops will cover the single-player portion of the latest smash-hit title, of which there is much to say. Call of Duty: Black Ops is developer Treyarch’s largely successful attempt at upping the craziness ante established in Modern Warfare 2. By moving ahead 20 years from 2008′s World at War, they’re able to deliver some of the same Bruckheim...

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It's the game with the Midas Touch. 0

 I recently watched the 1995 “Goldeneye” movie this game is more or less based on, and it still holds up! The game’s history is a bit more complicated than that though. The first Goldeneye game was developed by Rare as a movie tie-in, but what secured its place in gaming history was the split-screen multiplayer suite. It helped define what multiplayer on consoles is all about, the sort of social, pick-up-and-play fun that you perhaps see more rarely on the PC platform. Ever since the Wii ...

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Mo' chaos emeralds, mo' chaos emeralds, mo' chaos emeralds 0

  Sonic CD is a game for the Sega CD, or Mega CD depending on where you live, featuring everyone's favourite blue hedgehog. It's also the first apperance of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose, two of those Sonic side characters everyone loves to hate. At least it doesn't have Big the Cat. Tails is suspiciously absent, one has to wonder if seeing Sonic in the shower traumatised him for good. The Sega CD is a device with some beefed up capabilities and Sonic CD certainly makes use of them. The added sto...

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I'm here to do some business with the big iron on my hip 0

 I initially decided to play Fallout: New Vegas in a similar way to how I played Fallout 3 two years ago – as a good guy bringing justice to the wasteland. What I found was a game where the line between good and evil wasn’t quite as clear cut. Take the Brotherhood of Steel for instance, the closest you got to a «good guy» in Fallout 3. In this game, they’re pretty much a bunch of dicks! Certainly not evil, but secluded, unpleasant mole-people holed up in a cave for years. I ended up destr...

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Devo was right: When a problem comes along, you must whip it! 0

 It’s no secret that Castlevania is a franchise that’s struggled through low sales numbers and a couple of awkward previous attempts at transitioning into 3D gameplay. And yet, it’s perservered and remains one of the oldest franchises still active and still with significant mindshare among gamers. Recently it has found a home on DS with a series of three excellent 2D games modelled after the 1997 crowning achievement Symphony of the Night. The general rule has been: the 2D games are good,...

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Campaign Review 0

 Bungie continues to do what Bungie does well – but is this the end for the Halo we know? It’s kind of strange going back to a proper Halo game after having played a bunch of shooters where “aiming down the sights” is integral to the gameplay because that’s not really how Halo rolls. I found it refreshing to be back in the Spartan armor, mixing up vehicular and on-foot combat, and punching grunts in the face. Even knowing how the game ends (poorly for our heroes) didn’t sour the experience ...

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Tough one. 0

 Metroid Other M is Team Ninja's take on the Metroid franchise and it's an interesting mix of styles. Interesting, yes, but with some fundamental flaws. The worst of these is the characterisation of Samus Aran. The portrayal of her is Team Ninja's attempt at giving the player insight into her personality and history but what we discover doesn't seem consistent with the «silent badass» Samus we've seen in previous titles. She delivers countless internal monologues, and seems emotion...

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Outstanding! 0

Starcraft II's budget is right there up on the screen. From the moment you boot it up it's clear that this is a lavish package without precedent in PC gaming. Another thing that's nearly unprecedented is a twelve year gap between games in such a gigantic franchise (not counting Brood War). For maybe the first time, Blizzard could afford to actually spend seven or so years on development for a single game.     It's hard to convey exactly how I felt when I was actually playing Starcraft II for th...

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Online good, offline bad 0

 The 4 words in the headline sum up my feelings on this high budget PS3 exclusive. Most reviews at the time of its release were quick to point out the excellent multiplayer suite, including the MMO-style levelling system and co-op "raids." These all work extremely well and are a lot of fun. Exhilarating even. Running from objective to objective with your crew, and killing massive bosses is highly enjoyable and there's still not many experiences like it out there.    But enough has been written ...

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Hard to recommend 0

Final Fantasy 13 doesn't leave a great first impression. It then actually gets fun for quite a while, but the aftertaste isn't really that sweet.  The game tells its story in a completely linear fashion, which I actually prefer in most cases if the story is interesting. There's a decent story here but it's clumsily told. Terms are thrown about that you have no connection to until you go into the datalogs to read up on the universe, and that's some classic bad storytelling right there. If you nee...

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