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There's hope for us all ...

This is a list of game characters that remind us, sometimes video games have a larger role to play in our lives. This is a list of characters, I find, pushed the boundaries of what we think a video game protagonist (or any character for that matter) could be. As video game enthusiasts, we can take solace in the characters our medium has created. They are greater than the sum of their parts. These characters are more than just a mindless avatar spewing bullets in every direction. Altruistic or atrocious, compassionate or courageous, vengeful or vain, it's all here.

List items

  • One of the first, powerful, tormented and truly adult protagonists I can think of. Foul mouthed and deeply troubled; she MADE this list. All others just follow.

  • King's Quest VI really scaled up the "game" on character development. Leading Price Alexander to the forefront of character's you genuinely care about.

  • Wooden English voice acting aside, Kate's journey in the Syberia games is emotional and full of contrast. Loved playing her story, even if the game wasn't entirely about her.