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A great ending to the Prime series and overall a fantastic game!! 0

And the final statement of the Prime series comes! Right at the introduction you see what's coming, an epic and totally worthy Metroid game, the music and the introduction itself are great, they bring a thrilling felling right at the start, new characters are introduced, new areas, and of course new weapons! The graphics are sharp, not the best you can see comparing with others consoles, and maybe not even fulfilled by all the power Wii can show, but still beautifully crafted with the visuals m...

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Not better than the first Metroid Prime, still a good game. 0

This is the direct sequel to one of the best games ever, and that's quite a responsibility, and the main question is: Does this game live up to be considered better or at least as good as its predecessor? Unfortunately the answer is no. It's not like this game is bad, it's far from being that, but comparing with what Metroid Prime is and what this game delivers, the quality really fell a little. Starting with graphics, which are almost the same, technically speaking, but it no longer brings us...

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Perfect atmosphere in an game that could only be called art. 1

Metroid Prime is one of those games you can't just call it "a good game", it's pure art, with an atmosphere reaching perfection and being absolutelly amazing in every single aspect possible, this masterpiece stands as one of the best games ever made, and surely the most amazing game of its generation! Like everything so innovative and great, it may be a little hard for you to really get into this game, you may have a not so good first impression, but that's just before you realize its greatness...

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Best GameCube racing game! 0

Everything slightly necessary for a good racing game you can find in F-Zero GX, insane speed combined with perfect controls, good challenges, graphics running smoothly with outstanding definition in details, customizable ships for you to make your own, with your own design as well, and of course, a fun multiplayer that lets you go up to 4 players simultaneously! The game takes all classic characters back, and adds some new ones, the ones added in this and the arcade versions, F-Zero AX, and bot...

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Banjo-Kazooie - The best game ever created! 0

Banjo Kazooie is such a classic, it's perfect in every single way imaginable, it came out some time after Super Mario 64, the formula was pretty much the same, but this game has several improvements making it even better! The worlds were vast and colorful, there's a whole lot of them, the main characters got to become unforgettable right in the debut, due their undeniable charisma and their funny dialogs, by the way, overall the dialogs are great because each character of the game has a distinc...

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