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Xeodrifter is a nice bite-sized snack of a game 0

This is one of a handful of games that I had never heard of before I bought it. I was just poking through the Switch online store, thought it looked kinda cool, and bought it! Turns out it is kinda cool! If it were any longer, it would probably get to be a bit of a slog. If it were any shorter, I’d probably have felt cheated out of ten bucks. As it is, this is a two to three hour Metroidvania that takes a few interesting ideas and expands on them about as much as possible in its short play...

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Time has withered away much of what once made this game great 0

Symphony of the Night is often considered one of video game’s greats and it contributed the second half of the name for its genre, the “Metroidvania”. Unlike Super Metroid, though, this game hasn’t held up so well in the face of two decades’ worth of iterations on the formula, both within and outside of the Metroid and Castlevania franchises.That’s not to say that I don’t think this game is worth playing. It certainly has its strong points – some o...

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Solid Castlevania entry - Not the best, but far from the worst 0

The Castlevania series is pretty much split into two eras - the series’ original incarnation was linear, slow-paced, and notoriously difficult. Most of these games were on the NES or SNES, but some appeared on other systems. The second era made the second half of the term “Metroidvania” – everything takes place in one seamless open level with items and upgrades to gather, the games moved faster, the later games tend to be easier (tend to be – Order of Ecclesia is mo...

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Arkane's best effort at being Looking Glass yet! 0

The developers at Arkane Studios are apparently very fond of the style of game pioneered by Looking Glass studios. Even the phrase “Looking Glass” is plastered all over their newest release, Prey, which might as well be called a spiritual successor to Looking Glass’s 1999 effort System Shock 2. Arkane’s first game, Dishonored, was the same thing to Looking Glass’s Thief series. Some might be compelled to compare Prey to Irrational’s Bioshock, but this is true ...

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Almost as good as its predecessor 0

Bioshock 2 is a somewhat controversial game. Few people seem to think that it’s as good as the original. Some despise it. Most seem to have either forgotten it or think it’s merely “pretty good” as opposed to Bioshock 1’s greatness. I, for one, had a lot of fun with it. After playing the two games back to back, I can confirm that Bioshock 2 is a worthy sequel to Bioshock 1. It improves upon the original in some ways, but loses out on enough others to ensure that it...

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Seven years later and it's still pretty great. 0

Bioshock was hailed as an almost instant classic when it came out in 2007. I didn’t personally first play it until 2009 or 2010, finished it once, and didn’t finish it again until just now. Seven years after its initial release, Bioshock holds up exceptionally well. It still looks pretty great, it still has some very effective atmosphere, it still has a very good story that could never have quite the same impact outside of video games. And yes, Bioshock still works really well as a g...

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Weakest of the Good Ratchet Games 0

It has been quite some time since I found myself absorbed in a Ratchet game. I’ve been burned-out on the series since Deadlocked. Even by the time I first played A Crack in Time, reportedly the best the series has to offer, I just didn’t feel like playing any more Ratchet games. Well, it must be time for me to dive back into this series here in the current generation’s fading years. I finally finished the first of the next-generation Ratchet games. And it gets this old Ratchet fan an approval, b...

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Great story, atmosphere, and visuals marred by some bad gameplay 0

I don’t think that Naughty Dog has put out a good game since Jak 3. Jak X was all right, if unfair. The Uncharted games are all right at best. They’re chock full of bullet sponge enemies that don’t have much in the way of reaction to being shot, weak-sounding and feeling guns, supernatural segments toward the end that are somehow way worse than everything that has come before, and “platforming” that consists of “shimmy along this ledge in the exact pattern we’ve laid out”.With that noted, The La...

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Perfect? No. Worth it? Absolutely. 0

EDIT: Turns out, there aren't any spoiler block options in the review editor. There are some minor spoilers in this review. Note the word "minor" - it's not going to hurt your experience much, but I should still warn you. /EDITIt’s been quite a while since Irrational’s last game, the original Bioshock. Infinite is a sequel with little in relation to the original, either in terms of mechanics or story. If you’re looking for cramped spaces, health bars, cameras, and crazy people, you won’t find th...

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Really good - but falls shy of greatness 1

(Spoilers are present in this review - not that you should play this game for story)Far Cry has always been a series whose entries have had grand ideas but have fallen short of what they could deliver on. The original had these huge, gorgeous, wide-open areas with many different ways in and around things, but it was a very difficult game and the latter half was horribly unbalanced. The second was full of ideas about fighting a civil war, finding the antagonist, dealing with malaria, and roaming ...

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Good, but very flawed 0

Borderlands was a game that spent a long time in the making. The idea behind it was always essentially “Diablo: The shooter”, but it was originally a more serious looking game.I can’t say that I never wonder what Borderlands would have been like if this was what actually came out. I get a very distinct feeling that the project almost “died” and suddenly, someone decided to keep the cover, gut the story, and apply a fresh coat of paint. I have a sneaking suspicion that the story might have origin...

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