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Favorite Games of 2020

Haven't finished everything on here, and still have a few games I want to get to eventually. But I'm fairly pleased with the games I've enjoyed from 2020 so am reasonably content with this list.

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  • After spending 1000 hours going through the trails games last year, its hard to think of a better, more fitting game to cap it all off. Gone is most of the baggage and seriousness from cold steel for a story that, while still interesting and enjoyable, feels incredibly light by comparison and never gets in the way of the game as a grand celebration and farewell to the two previous Trails series.

  • The games that resonate with me most strongly are ones I keep thinking about long after finishing them. And in that regard, this game stuck with me in the same way as Nier Automata. Probably would have been my favorite game of the year had i not gotten into falcom games at the beginning of the year.

  • One of the densest games I've ever gotten into, where every extra bit of minutiae makes the whole experience more satisfying to progress through. I've tried other spreadsheet simulators like OOTP and their hockey variant, but none of them feel as personally engaging as this thing has for me.

  • (Need to finish, half to 2/3 in) I was feeling pretty down on original p5 after the years away from it, but playing through this just reinforced everything I enjoyed about the original game, from the themes to the combat to the style and overall feel, while adding smart qol changes that's to be expected of an enhanced version. Looking forward to finishing it and getting to the new content when i can eventually find time.

  • A welcome new start for the series that leaves me looking forward to what they do next. Have plenty of issues with the different things they try in this game, some of which are expected from their first foray into turn based battles, new location and new characters, and some of I've been growing more wary of the more of these games I've played. But in the end, this is still a very enjoyable Yakuza experience with a fresh, different perspective on the games, characters, and the world that ended up really appreciating in ways that surprised me.

  • Excruciatingly long, unbearably so in many spots particularly in the first half. While I have no interest in ever replaying this again, I ended up coming around on this game and cold steel as a whole by the 2/3 point after being very down on it 1/3 in. Without going into any details, something happens that completely changed my perspective on this (cold steel) series as a whole and from that point i was on board the rest of the way and had a great time. I'm glad I came along for this behemoth of a series, even if it was too ambitious for their own good and at times brought out the worst in their writing/narrative structure. Still a mostly satisfactory conclusion and does a good job of tying up many loose ends from previous series as well. All that being said, big sigh of relief all around now that its finally over and they can restart fresh with Kuro.

    P.S. English cs4 logo might be my favorite video game logo ever

  • its still good.

  • (Need to finish) Soothing atmospheric game. The gliding feels amazing, combat is neat and interesting, and writing is good for what its going for

  • Costs too much, but it is the collection I've always wanted on the perfect device and the games are generally well made/presented.

  • Probably the most important game of last year, couldnt have come out at a better time. I'm happy with the time i put into it even if i havent touched it in a year.