Metal Gear Solid 4 Fan Trailer!

 I made a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4!  

I was laid off recently which means I've been mostly catching up on games, but this last week I decided to be productive and made this trailer. 

I’m a pretty big Metal Gear Solid fan (I only say “pretty big” because I still haven’t played the first T_T), and seeing as MGS4 is the most cinematic of the bunch with awesome set piece moments and great production values I couldn’t not do this. MGS also has a great soundtrack so it was inevitable.

Luckily a couple people on the internet had uploaded torrents of nearly all the cutscenes. I started downloading them both. It was a good thing too because one batch didn’t have as much as the other, but unfortunately the more thorough one had subtitles turned on T_T That meant I had to mix and match the footage.

Next up I converted audio from selected clips and then took out all the usable dialogue. Some of it had music or sound effects under it so I tried to keep my use of those to a minimum. Unfortunately there are a few here and there which if you’re paying attention have extra background noise. I then went through the MGS4 soundtrack for the best music for the trailer. In the finished piece I ended up using MGS2 and MGS3 music for the backend.

With the structure of the dialogue and music done it certainly sounded like a trailer, but picture editing of course would make it complete. This took a lot longer because I had to go through all the files only converting what I needed, and oftentimes going back and forth between editing and converting, then realizing there’s more footage I could’ve used so I’d convert some more.

Picture editing took a while, but the trailer really started to get its rhythm and shape once I started putting scenes together. I think the backend was the most difficult because it had the least obvious shots to pick from whereas the beginning is very story oriented. I ended up doing a cast montage which are always fun to edit because I like picking cast ID shots. The structure of the trailer definitely shifted around a lot here. I admit there’re a couple things I’m not completely satisfied with, but I just wanted it to be done because I’m terribly impatient about showing stuff I’ve been working on.

After I finished picture editing I went back and fixed the sound mix with the dialogue and music and added sound effects where needed. Going into the process of adding sound effects seemed kind of irritating, but very quickly I remembered how much I love adding sound effects.

When sound was done I made the graphics in After Effects. Anna’s one bit of feedback was to add the character names for the non-Metal Gear Solid fans who might be watching it.

So that’s it really. I hope you like the trailer whether you’re a die hard MGS fan or have never played a single MGS game in your life!


Halo ODST is the Halo I was waiting for

Been struggling with understanding the appeal of Halo, and I think Halo ODST saved me from completely abandoning all interest in the franchise. First Halo was cool in its day and I enjoyed it (a year after its release on my Mac) but Halo 2 and Halo 3 even did little to nothing for me. For me the whole trilogy lacked in any tactile sensation for me whether it was Master Chief's super floaty jump or the plastic pellet gun sounding sound effects (silenced or otherwise!). Story-wise it was mostly go over there and shoot. Very little dialogue and Master Chief's silence felt weird during most of the game. Conversely the military marine talk got  tiresome and sounded forced.  
In ODST though, the tactile sensation I craved is mostly there. I think the sound effects still suck, but the layer of grime in New Mombasa and the sense of loneliness and quiet exploration is a lot more interesting. I don't know what's happening or what I will find around the next corner and that's what I love. Plus the ODST helmet gear has all the stuff I figured Master Chief would also have like the ability to set waypoints. The relative squishiness of the ODST characters, their vision turning read, the beating of their heart and the grunts upon losing stamina go a long way to making the game feel more real. I'm realizing what it was that the Halo trilogy was missing and this gives me much to look forward to in Halo Reach.  
If they make a Halo 4 though, they'll have to convince me they've learned to direct cinematic cutscenes, use music dramatically, and write/voice dialogue before I'm willing to follow them down that path again. Halo universe good, Halo shooting mechanics good, Halo storytelling weak. I just wish the ODST storyline was longer because I'll probably be done with it very soon.