April 9th 2015

This year has been an odd year in gaming. Since the launch of the Playstation 4 my interest in gaming has decreased drastically. I purchased a tonne of games, and finished a couple, but I am increasingly becoming less satisfied with the experience. I find myself turning to the Wii U for fulfilment. This year countless launch day disasters, disappointments, and sub-par HD re-releases have plagued the current generation of consoles. The Wii U has been consistent. Furthermore, I finally landed a full time job in the career I was trained for. I took a job teaching in the remote Labrador Inuit community of Postville.

Within the first month I had my wife ship my Playstation 4 up to me with a number of games, and ] despite playing it I have yet to finish Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4, and Bloodborne. The games keep piling up. This year saw my interest feign in gaming, and I saw a sub-culture divided by GamerGate. It is truly terrible what came out of that, and a scar on the industry as a whole, but through it I was introduced to a lot of writers with valuable opinions. I am sitting here writing this with the opening of Super Mario 64 echoing in my ear. A call back to simpler, but exciting times. A time when developers took some big risks entering 3d space, and those risks drove innovation. Sadly, with the advent of the current generation of consoles we are seeing the same games re-hashed, and slapped with another $60 price sticker. This has to be lucrative, right? Why else would they do it? Sure tonight, I bought Dark Souls II for the ps4 having already played it to completion twice. I know the problem with weapon durability. I know I am a big hypocrite, so why did I buy it? Well I have no idea. I was in the store (just browsing) and bought it.

Talking to the clerk he told me it was a wise choice, and in that brief moment I thought my purchase to be justified. I even said I have no idea why I am buying this, because I have Bloodborne waiting for me when I get home. We talked briefly about our Bloodborne experiences, and I remarked how faster paced I thought it was, and in that moment his demeanour changed. He jumped down my throat and said, 'I bet you fat rolled our whole way through 1, and 2, right?' I commented that I enjoyed the comfort of heavy armour. He laughed and told me I was playing the game completely wrong. See, now I am completely fed up with gaming in general. Who was he to discount my experience with a video game. As if his experience with a Dex build was better than my Str build. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but I think that whole conversation pretty much summed up my experience gaming since the Playstation 4 launched.