Why So Serious???

So earlier in the month, I'm taking a look at various reviews from sites for their game of the year.

Ok, really I was trolling around a bit to see where Saint's Row: The Third would land on other review lists. You see, for me, I've never been a Saint's Row fan. Heck, I haven't been a GTA fan since GTA 3. But when I first laid my eyes on Saint's Row: The Third, I knew it was going to be fun mayhem and as Giant Bomb was the only site that seemed to mirror that sentiment, I followed their previews the tightest.

Now granted, I don't expect Saint's Row to be on the top of everyone else's list. I get that the game is not the tightest experience of the year. But for sheer fun factor? My friends agree... It's right up there for game of the year.

However, there's one show that just couldn't get into it and completely misses the point. I'm looking at Reviews on the Run http://reviewsontherun.com/all/spotlight/rocket-and-raygun-awards-%E2%80%93-best-actionadventure-game-%E2%80%93-video-2/

Normally, I've been quite laid back about how Reviews on the Run covers their games because they're quite loose with their game ratings and a lot of the reviewers have certain agendas towards their opinions. But Scott C Jones really took the cake for me. I know he means well, but why are we worried about what senators, parents, and such perceive about games like Saint's Row? How come that's the yard stick we're using to measure for a game? I understand how items taken out of Saint's Row, out of context could be used against "the industry" but Saint's Row is a step in the right direction just like films like Porky's or American Pie are as far as humour is concerned.

We can't just continue to be "middle of the road" with "safe" themes and humour without pushing the envelope. Otherwise videogames as a medium won't mature to cover many topics unlike other media out there.