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I think i'm gonna get me Soul Caliber II!

Right, so i was thinking i really want Soul Caliber 4 but i was'nt sure what i would think of it, so iv'e gone on Amazon and iv'e decided i'm getting a used but good condition Soul Caliber II for £4.40, or a totally new and sealed Soul Caliber II for £7.70! I'm either getting it on the Gamecube or Xbox and i intend to start of my adventure as a dude with a sword! Yes, it's that simple!

Next up i just want to let you know that iv'e set the Wii up downstairs and that SSBB looks awsome on a plasma screen!

And finally to celebrate the upcoming release of 2 anticipated Sonic games, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic the Hedgehog: The Dark Brotherhood i have made both my user image and profile image sonic related! My user image is of the main hog himself, and my profile image is of the main enemy in Sonic chronicles, Shade!

Anyway if you do have SCIV please tell me what you think of it!

Be jealous.....Be VERY jealous!

The reason that i demand that you must be jealous is because of 3 things! First of, the main thing! I got an inside look at the upcoming game "Wario Land: The shake dimension"!
First of i want to say that it is probably the best looking 2D platformer iv'e ever seen. Everything is extremely bright and colourful, and although it is a 2D platformer the good guys at NINTENDO have managed to make some 2D sections look 3D! These are mainly the bosses. Another great thing about this game that i'm sure many people will be exited about is the fact that all the clips are like a cartoon and are made by one of Japans leading animation studios Production IG. These are responsible for classic Japanese animes such as Ghost in the shell, Blood: The last vampire, and Patlabor. Aswell as the stunning animated sequence in Kill Bill. So expect some of the best looking clips to date! From what i've seen there nothing i can do to fault Wario Land: The shake dimension. Now then just so you guys know, here's the story. If you don't want to know i would advise you not to read on.

The Story goes that Yuretopia, a world contained within an ancient globe in a museum, has been taken over by the evil pirate Shake King. Yuretopia's monarch, Queen Merelda is kidnapped along with her subjects and Shake King claims the world Legendary Bottemless Coin Sack (Which spits out coins when you shake it) as his own. Captain Maple Syrup, a female pirate, sees this and steals the ancient globe. She wants the Bottomless Coin Sack for herself but can't be bothered stealing it, so she sends the globe to Wario and tells him that if he beats Shake King he'll become a hero of Yuretopia.

You play the game holding the Wii Remote sideways, and so far from what i've seen there is also a submarine sections were you drive a submarine underwater controling which way you go by tilting the Wii Remote up and down.

Next up, i wanted to tell you that i have wrote a letter to Activsion complaining about the lack of any left handed functions whatsoever. I hope they can sort this problem out for Guitar hero 4. I'm hoping they send me a DS Lite and Guitar Hero: On Tour, but that's a little too much to get my hopes up for!

And finally, i'm getting Wii fit! My Mum said that she would get it for us in the summer holidays, and she thought i had forgot! But i remebered obviously and now she has promised to get it by wednesday! (EDIT) Ok, Not by wednesday!!


It's the BOMB!

Yup, i noticed that everyone on Gamespot seemed to be doing some blogs about them joining a place called GIANT BOMB so i decided to try it out and i really like it, the technology is much better than it is in Gamespot and so far it seems that all the images etc is much easier to download and you don't have all this confusion about what's what, the layout to me is much better too as it seems to be much easier to find your way throught all the vast items there is. So here's to a good time on GIANT BOMB! Now then, i gotta get me a few friends....

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