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Long time no blog!

First of i would just like to say that thanks to SSBB i am now deeply in love with Starfox, i played the demo of Lylat Wars and went of and bought a wii points card so i could get it of the VC which i did and it is truly one of my favoroute game franchises of all time! I must play every Starfox game in the Lylat system!!!!!! I even love it so much i dedicated all my blog pics to it!!!

Next up i want to say that i'm sorry i have not been very active recently, this is partly because there have been other things going on but 95% because my stupid sister won't stop hogging the PC!!! But in my absence i have come to realise a few things, and one of these is that Giant bomb is the the best game website ever, and as i'm not going to be spending much time on the computor any more i think i may leave Gamespot, don't ask why because in all truth i don't know.

Now for..................Boring old outdoor so called "Adventure" parks-Yawn-Well not for High Lodge it's only a fiver and great fun with sa mate. But then we come to Bewilderwood which cost us £40 and was to be generous, utterly CRAP!

Now we come to the games, so we now already know i love Starfox! But what else do i love, do i hate or do i want? Well a new most wanted for me is Star Wars:The force unleashed, Starfox, Starfox Command, Starfox Adventures and Starfox Assault, a new most hated is no one (Yes, not even Slippy Toad!)

Well then, See ya later! Wife Swaps on!