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Moving on to the Naruto Manga

The reason for this is because I have now watched every Shippuuden episode released so far. (Up to episode 80) And I really can't wait for the other episodes to be released and translated, so i've moved straight to the manga from where i left off, and it's surprisingly good! I had only just moved onto it around 4 hours ago and i have already read loads of mangas, i am currently on chapter "The broken bridge", incase you can't remember it is after chapter "New technique!" and it is where Shikamaru has already beaten Hidan and Naruto and the others are fighting Kakuzu! I just can't wait for Sasuke to fight Itachi, Sasuke to fight Diedara and Sasuke to fight Orochi-Maru! Dude Sasuke seems to be getting all the good bits! Although i'm also looking forward for Jiraiya's big fight were he enters "Hermit" mode!