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Best of 2010

After much deliberation (and trying to remember what I'd played this year which was worthy), I've finally settle upon a list I am happy to qualify as the games I thought were the best games of 2010. And these are those games...

List items

  • Despite the fact I somehow lost my save game without losing anyone, this is most certainly my top game of 2010

  • I'm quite recent to World of Warcraft, having played a few trials in the past and never ending up sticking with it, I finally bit the bullet when Blizzard put the game first two expansions on sale. And it instantly stuck, the changes they made to the old world with the coming of Cataclysm made it such a streamlined experience. The Quests in the old world are throughly enjoyable, whether it's following the over the top exploits of Bravo Company, or playing a quest giver, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is bound to give you some enjoyment out of the previously boring kill quests.

  • One of the biggest PC release this year and sequel to one of the best RTS games of all time. The stellar campaign and improvements to the original formula of Starcraft are what put this game on the list. It's a game I should really spend more time with.

  • Really not sure what to say about this. More Assassin's Creed 2, with added Assassin management. It's most certainly worthy of a spot on this list

  • 2010 was the year I finally was able to own Rock Band, having jumped on every opportunity I've had to play it in this past, it was a nice addition to my library this year and justified by the main improvements Harmonix have made to the series, this definitely belongs on this list.

  • This game has most certainly earned a spot on this list. It's just been difficult to place it on here. I have ample fond memories of the game, whether it's shooting the local wildlife to level up my hunting, or just rescuing a whore it's about to be raped, this takes everything Rockstar does well in a modern environment with Grand Theft Auto and places it almost perfectly within the western setting of Red Dead Redemption. It's these factors and the plight of John Marston which earned it a place on this list.

  • Yes, it first came out last year. Yes, it's still not a full game, but damn if Minecraft isn't functional enough in it's beta/alpha phase to justify a place on this list. This game stole so many hours of my life this year, just mining and then placing blocks. Hell, I even played this over a LAN with a couple of mates. Nothing beats co-operative fort building. The addictive block building nature of this game, combined with survival elements are enough to earn this game a spot on my Best of 2010 list.

  • I'm entirely ready to admit I haven't finished this game, but I feel I've spent enough time with it to justify it on this list. It took the already fun, if not broken elements from Fallout 3 and added a great narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed what I have played of this game. The side-quests don't feel anywhere near as phoned-in as Fallout 3's and the setting of New Vegas makes for a fun time, particularly with factions you love to hate, like 'Caesar's Legion'. All-in-all, this is a worthwhile game which is worth picking up if you haven't yet.

  • Ghost Trains. 'Nuff Said.

  • I was so happy when I found out this hit Android. So much in fact that I spend at least 4 or 5 hours playing it that same day. It does such a good job of combining the Tycoon game elements I love, with parody of the Gaming industry that it became such an enjoyable and addicting experience. If you've got a platform you can play this on and a spare $5 this is a worthwhile purchase.