Party on the Go -update

As of July 29, 2016, there are some interesting rumors about the Nintendo NX. At the moment, it's still unsure as what the system is going to be truly like but there are some cool ideas and rumors at the moment. But the big rumor is that it is a portable system that can be docked up to a TV. I love the idea. It makes going to my friends and bringing my favorite games to share so much easier. A system that take 5 minutes to set up on a TV or just shares old be great. I love board games but so awesome to have fun multi player games. What games would I love to have on this system? Here is my list.

Oct. 20 -final we are getting to know. Little changes to the travel party

List items

  • As we are talking Nintendo, I'd want Mario Kart as my Nintendo group party game to play.

  • The art is cute, simple and a joy to share. It's a great team working game and is best played side by side.

  • How nice to have a board game styled game, with out the mess of a board game. So nice to have it on a system you could just plug into the TV and make a cool story.

  • Dungeon crawler party, with no dice but a load of fun.

  • A interactive story is a good movie style game are really a joy.

  • Because party is in the name.

  • Ok, not ever going to be on a Nintendo platform because to many buttons needed to control, but going to dream.

  • Multi-player Mario game, that isn't Mario party.

  • Yes, a nice party game.

  • More of a board game style but is a video game. Perfect to take to a friends and play.

  • It would be great to have any of the board long as it's a touch screen?