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Hey, I had the same issue, but it seemed to only happen with premium videos. On the Xbox Edge app go to a non premium video and the player will have an option to opt into the beta. Click that then go back to the video you want to watch and it should be sweet!

Hope this helps. I personally love watching the videos on my tv, and this seems to be the easiest way for me. So you're not alone!

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I saw the movie last night, and I went in with zero expectations, as I have been burned before. (The Phantom Menace) Overall I would say I enjoyed the movie, and I think its probably better than any of the prequel movies, but the more I thought about it through the day today I've been conflicted. It's far from perfect.

Some things I liked

  • It was refreshing to see a Star Wars movie with such a different sense of style. It will be interesting to see what other directors do.
  • The humour was fantastic and I'd say all of the jokes landed for me and most of the people in the theatre
  • Finn, Poe, Rey, Kylo BB-8 (the new cast)
  • BB-8 was fantasic. He was super emotive, you could almost see a little bit of Wall-E in him.
  • Seeing the old cast again
  • It doesn't hand hold you and explain every little detail of what happened between VI-VII, or characters back stories or motivations. There's still some mystery
  • The fact that this new trilogy can go wherever it wants to go. The prequels were always restricted by the fall of Anakin Skywalker story, so it's a shame that this entry is so formulaic

Some Issues I have

  • As almost every one has mentioned, how predictable and formulaic it is, practically a remake of A New Hope
  • The StarKiller Base and almost the entire 3rd act. The First Order makes a big deal of destroying the Republic but we have no idea who they are, is this the same republic from before? Didn't Palpatine abolish them and the Senate? Was the planet they destroyed Coruscant? (it didn't look like it) And then the entire planet is destroyed by like 5 people who basically walk onto the base, and about 10 X-Wings. Everything about it is so trivialized. Are massive world destroying machines so common in the Star Wars Universe that no one bats an eye when another one pops up? The original Death Star was this unstoppable looming dreadful thing in the first movie, and even though a small group took it out, the urgency and the stakes involved were reinforced in the story. Here this is just a backdrop for Han to die in.
  • A lot of the characters such as Captain Phasma were practically non entities. It would have been nice to flesh out the newer characters more.
  • The Score wasn't all that great. (Granted the sound in the theatre I was in was terrible) But if the prequels did one thing, they gave us some awesome music!
  • How the Hell did that little creature get Anakin's lightsaber?! It should be in the bowels of Bespin! "That's a story for another time" ummm ok!
  • Holy Shit Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are old! Did Princess Leia smoke a pack of cigarettes a day for the last 40 years? As soon as I saw them on screen together I assumed they would kill both of them off. You can't rely on them to be around in another 6-8 years for the end of the trilogy.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Needless to say I'd like to see it again

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Hey guys,

Was just wondering if any of the other Canadian users here shared the same thoughts as me on this point in the game. The battle of Vimy Ridge is a very significant moment in Canadian history, and it is portrayed beautifully by the game, with the hoisting of the Red Ensign (the flag Canada used before 1965 for those non-Canadian users) and the smoke behind them turning into the shape of Canada's Vimy Memorial. But I can't but feel, maybe offended isn't the word, but disappointed, that while you're experiencing this most Canadian of moments, you're playing as an American. It's clear that Ubisoft Montpellier knows their history, and having Canada's often overlooked involvement in WWI being portrayed in any form of media makes me proud. But it's a shame that I end up having this disappointed feeling.

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same thing here!

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I have bought and finished every Splinter Cell (on its release) and I LOVE every single one of them, Conviction included. But for me the experience is more about story and character than gameplay. I must admit though, the loss of Ironside is seriously making me dislike the look of Blacklist. and is it just me? or does Sam look younger in Blacklist than he did in Conviction

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So I'm a little confused by this, when I go to the in game tailor am I accessing the Cryptic store? I have plenty of energy credits but it says I NEED to have Cryptic points. Am I unable to buy uniforms without Cryptic points? and did I miss hear on the Bombcast that Jeff said there is a way to earn Cryptic points in game?

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ive always loved everything by jeremy soule but this is one of my favs 

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yeah, you can pretty much get most of them (except for the newest one, harry potter) for like 20 bucks each on steam. i cant tell if they have online co-op though.

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i play the lego games (star wars, indy, ect) with my gf all the time, its good fun

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sorry i see you already said lfd, if you can find it and patch it i always loved system shock 2's coop, its a little broken, but still fun