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Worthwile GBA Games *Unfinished*

Spoiler, in general it's ports or sequels to games from the SNES era.

(Tho looking at it, I guess be aware I'm super baised towards platformers and tactics games...)

List items

  • At first it was just like "Hey we made more X but now you have gun and sword at once and maybe some other crazy weapon but hey we give you what you're looking for from the start" But then it got more overworldy RPG and stuff I think? I got distracted somewhere in Z2, but that was a hella great opening. Sucker for getting meta with menus and stuff.

  • Holy crap there were a lot of these, and as far as I can tell its the only one you can truly say is original to the GBA. Sure, its got MEGAMAN emblazoned right on the box, but its in brand only. Gameplay and characters unhooked from everything that came before it.

  • Great, but, started on nes. Just like Advance Wars.

  • Cause you know, you want more Mode 7 racing games.

  • These are just SNES games. Like, possibly the best SNES games, plus the All-Stars versions of 2 great NES games, but still. So yes things you would want, but it's hard to really put them in the GBA's favor.

  • Some people swear by this version, haven't put in enough time into either to tell you the differences, but enough of the systems come over to make it a great entry.

  • Always over looked for FFT, Tactics Ogre has some die hards of it's own. And it sounds like this pattern carried over to the GBA as well.

  • A case of "what if we made a nes game for the snes era and released it on cart?"

  • "Link to the past was good, right? Let's do more of those."

  • Man, this game is good too, but again started life as a NES series.

  • "But that's the one where they couldn't use any of the licensed mecha!" I know. "But without the crossover fan-service it's just stupid bullshit without anything to latch onto!" I know. "Then why does it get consideration!?" I really fuckin' love the Altisen.