My personal top 5

There's totally only 5 games in this list. Honest.

List items

  • It's probably the perfect game.

  • I bought an import PSX for DDR, and picked up this game on a whim, because Chrono Trigger was pretty good. DDR didn't get a look-in very often thanks to this game. My only criticisms would be that the poor little PSX couldn't do it justice, and that one of my favourite characters, Pip, was unfortunately a bit bugged.

  • Possibly my most played game ever. This is Zelda at its finest. Combat was more than a matter of auto target Z mashing, the storyline didn't get in the way of the flow of gameplay, and Death Mountain Descent was always good for some sequence-breaking shenanigans.

  • This is the best Final Fantasy game in the main series. This is the best RPG on the SNES. Ultimately, the GBA version is superior for a few reasons - it's in English, unlike the original SFC JP-only release. It's better than the PSX version because it's portable. It's also better than both of them due to its new classes, even though, to be honest, the new classes mostly suck and were implemented horribly (the 4 jobs should have been added one per crystal to the main storyline). The music is fantastic, and the job system is wonderful.

  • I love the Wild Arms games. It's without doubt, my favourite series of all time - every single game is a classic, thanks to an amazing soundtrack, and a wonderful setting. Hanpan is obviously the best character in this game. Special mention goes to Wild Arms: Alter Code F, an amazing game that I simply adore. It's possibly the better game of the two, but I love them both, and this wins as it inspired the fantastic remake that is WA:ACF. I really need to pick up a US copy of this game - it's the only in the series that I don't have the US version of.

  • Unlike the very dfficult Wild Arms/WA: Alter Code F decision, this is much easier. FFT:WoL on PSP is a port plus extras, and while it has lost a little of the charm of the original (mainly due to its rushed but occasionally hilarious translation), it is the better game to play. Many, many hours have been logged on both the PSX and PSP versions of this game, and I should probably be grateful that the iPhone version has not been released yet.

  • Noticing a trend? PSX RPGs and SNES-era 2D gameplay are my favourite two types of game, so when the two were combined for Breath of Fire 3, it was a no-brainer. The music is sublime, the graphics are charming, the gameplay is suitably old-school. Incidentally, BoF4 and BoF5:Dragon Quarter are top-notch games, too. This series needs a revival!

  • In this game, you powerslide a dump truck into oil refineries to clear a path for a semi-trailer carrying malfunctioning nuclear missiles. This game is awesome. It's such a shame that it has almost zero chance of ever being remade or revisited - it's one of those tricky Nintendo/Rare joint projects that is a legal minefield.

  • This game is masterful. They took every little detail that worked in AC2, tweaked the little niggles and made them better, and included what seems to be a very cool multiplayer aspect into the game.

  • Hey hey, you you, I love Burnout Paradise!

    No way, no way, even DJ Atomika.

    Hey hey, you you, this is in my top five...