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Super Mario Land 2 is one of the BEST HANDHELD VIDEO GAMES EVER 0

Let me start off by saying this, imagine a mod of super Mario bros. 3 for the gameboy. The graphics are on par with Bros. 3, really. The controls are spot on and very precise. The levels are all original, imaginative, and creative. The new bunny-ear power up accompanies the mushroom and flower. This interesting pickup lets you jump super high and flap your ears to glide mid air. The story is paper thing, but its there. Wario took over Mario's castle while he was gone, and now he's back to kickas...

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Gears of war is one of the greatest video games of all time. 0

Gears of War is 2006's bloody third person shooter. The name of the game in Epic's masterpiece is cover. Take cover using A. From there lean out to the side and shoot guys with precision, or blindfire. You slide around cover (which is practically anything in Gears) fill guys up with lead and make a mess of blood. Duck after taking some damage, heal up quickly, and reload. Now reloading in Gears is special, since clicking RB to start the reload and clicking again when the 2 lines are aligned incr...

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God of War 2 is the Best Game on the PS2 0

                 God of war 2 is a very good game, being 7 years after it's console launch its as good as PS2 games get. This is a third person action adventure game set in ancient Greece. There is a lot of combat involved while throwing in some puzzles that never seem like they're in your way. Being the sequel to God of War it keeps a lot of the cool things about the original and throws in some improvements that need you to go back to the original to fully appreciate. Now you get 2 secondary we...

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