Meh more copy protection...

I got Spore on day 1 and played a lot but as soon as I finished the game (around 15 hours lol) I automatically went back to the WAR beta :s I was kinda disappointed by the game but I will play some more on my laptop (it's installed on my desktop) but I will install it cracked because I seriously hate all that protection... So yeah I'll have my legal copy in my desktop drive and the cracked one on laptop.

But yeah so far so good :) I really was expecting a lot from this game and although it's not as good as wished it's still a great game and great fun! I used a lot of models from other players and I was kinda amazed to see all that kind of variety. People do have imagination :p

Anyways I like it so far but Warhammer Online may be distracting me so can't concentrate fully on the game :)