Ahhhh.... that magical time of year.

As another E3 approaches I always get excited.  When developers and publishers blow the doors off of "project X" and give me cause to drool all over myself.  Even the ones where I have to question what they were thinking make me excited.  I guess its that whole "ta-da" moment that i look forward to.  I would be nice if this year the folks at whiskey media can set up some sort of streaming coverage.  I grow tired of G4 and their views on things.  Don't get me wrong, they are not a horrible place to get your video game news, but there's a lot to dig through to and enormous amounts of babble.  Its like eating at a 5 star restaurant every day, all the food is top notch.  Then having to eat out at a "chuckie cheeze"  with some idiot (name tag: Adam Sessler) blaring things in your ear and reminding you how awesome the pizza is, even if it isn't.  

Ill DVR it anyway...

The things I'm looking forward to most:

  • More gameplay footage and info on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Release dates for Diablo III and Old Republic  (and then i woke up...)
  • A compelling enough Nintendo console that i would be willing to invest in.
  • Battlefield 3 info and footage.
  • Big budget games for core gamers with kinect support.  (I imagine teams of developers sitting around that thing still wondering what to do with it...)
  • ..and of course the things I have no clue about.

Just spent the last hour...

...watching the quick look of Dungeon Siege III

I like what i see, but, and this is a big but, it looks nothing like the old ones.  I guess a game does have to evolve and become new if it is to hold weight in a franchise.  But Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II had a lot of really great qualities that i was looking forward too in the third installment.  Where is my pack mule?  Wheres my progressive stat leveling.  It seems like everything is being condensed into something simple.  This seems to be the trend now a days.  Another example i can think of off the top of my head is Patrician III vs. Patrician IV.   Do developers think that they need to make things simpler to hold a our attention span. 

Now, by no means, I am not saying that I'm not looking forward to Dungeon Siege III.  I was just hoping for more of the things that made the previous installment great.  Frankly I think they could have released the game under a completely different name and it would have been successful in its own right.  Now that i think of it, I'm sure its because it was ported over to console.  When you have a controller vs a keyboard/mouse you are greatly limited in what you can do, and they aren't going to make multiple games under the same name to accommodate the different peripherals.  Especially when consoles can make a developer so much more money.

Games now a days....

...aren't like the past.


I remember a time...

  .... when a graphical advancement in a game would warrant it as a good buy.  But with things in their current state technology isn't a huge factor any more.  Storyline is a prime factor in a game.  And that is what is getting me excited now a days.  Just looking at the new Medal of Honor previews i am very impressed with the weight they are giving onto the characters.  And the fact that it is following current events (maybe not to a t) makes it all that more appealing.  I hope, sincerely, that developers will focus on that with a good integration of new technology.  I'm sure they are aware, then why are there crap-tastic games.  
I do indeed, though, miss the days when i would look at a preview and say to myself, "oooooh! how pretty!"  I hope that is not going the way of the dodo.
However in the works are cheaper and larger 120hz monitors to use the new 3d vision from nvidia.  Have not  seen it in use, myself, but using the technology that is similiar if not exact to the 3d seen in movie theaters recently will defiantly add an edge to gaming.  In addition to some wrap around monitors PC gaming will defiantly be taken to a new level.  When it comes to consoles i am not clear if we will have to wait till the next generation.   If the xbox and ps3 are indeed capable of this televisions will need to be able to perform at this enhanced refresh rate.  And currently the technology is too expensive for most people.  We will have to see what is presented at e3 this year, and what happens next.
...time will tell. 

The hidden world of giant bomb.

The journey down the rabbit hole begins...

After playing red dead for the last 3 days i was inspired enough to write a review.  And what better than on my favorite gaming website.  Little did i know.  All the other activities you can do here!  
QUESTS!!! im hooked.
Well "write a blog" check.