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First Person Shooters

My FPS Game Hall Of Fame

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  • The entire Quake series has something to boast. Not only does each game in the franchise manage to bring something completely unique to the series, but they also manage to change the actual face of the genre forever. Quake is like the definition of perfection, there is little reason to dislike the games and much more reason to love them. I would normally pick which game is the best in the series, but since every Quake game is good in some way or another it really is hard to deside. If you're interested, see into it that you pick one of the Quake games, they're on a multitude of platforms and present some of the best gaming has to offer.

  • Half-Life easily springs into anyones mind when they think FPS game. Why? Because the qualities of Half-Life are so immense that there really isn't much point in trying to combat something as original and in-depth in terms of story, graphics, gameplay and sound. While Quake and Doom innovated with features like online play and growth in the PC market; Half-Life went one step furthur by blowing our minds completely with a game that reacted realistically to everything the player did. Now I now this applies more to HL2, which overpowers the first game superbly, but even back in 1998, jaws dropped when gamers played this. I should know, since I was one of them back then.

  • Ever imagined a Nintendo 64 game to be in a list like this? Goldeneye managed it! Lets accept it, the game was a tremendous success as far as FPS games were concerned. It inspired developers, caused sleepless multiplayer nights and literally put Rare on the map as the best game makers in the business. Sadly though, future 007 games would never live up to the expectations this game created as a result.