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LordCrom: Best of 2009

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  • 70's Grindhouse, hilarious script, talented lead actors selling said script, zombies, best ending of the year and the record holder for most f*bombs dropped in a video game. How can this not be my game of the year?

  • The greatest Batman game ever made! Possibly even the greatest superhero game ever made? If it weren't for those Zombies and that hilarious script, this would have been my game of the year. (Any chance the sequel will fail to be as good?)

  • I enjoyed this game...not as much as I enjoyed the top two games, but I enjoyed it none the less. Oh and my 3 year old son has gone on to complete it from start to finish three times now. That doesn't count the dozens of times he's played different chapters.

  • Absolutely HATE the controls. Almost stopped playing this one after the first hour. But, I wanted to see how it finished and I got comfortable with the controls after a while. Turned out to be a pretty good game in the end. Still, Resident Evil Next....needs to have controls from this generation of gaming. (No more tank controls).

  • I'm no where near good enough to play the multiplayer portion of this game. I lose my shit if I get killed repeatedly without actually getting to play. So this one was single player all the way for me. Good solid gameplay. You could see where they were trying to one up themselves at every turn. After a while it wasn't as special anymore.

  • Better than the first? Is that possible? YES! Everything about this game is an improvement over the first. Non-gun weapons are AWESOME and add a whole new experience to the game. The new zombies are great too.

  • Really enjoyed this game for it's old school feel. I must not be old school anymore though, because once I got about 15 hours in and got to a point where I had to pause every minute during fighting, I stopped playing. Still a fantastic game.

  • Excellent game! Best game on the 360 this year? I don't think so. Best downloadable game? Absolutely! Sorry Trials HD, you don't even compare to the excellence of Shadow Complex. (Oh and Trials, Splosion Man was better than you as well).

  • ADDICTIVE! Zombies zombies zombies! It's awesome that we are in a time when we are seeing more and more zombie games and Plants vs. Zombies gives us a whole new way to love our zombie experience. Now, where's the sequel?

  • Diablo 2.5 anyone? This will hold us over until the game of the year for 2011 (Diablo III) is released. Excellent game that deserves everyones attention.