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Greatest FMV games of all time!

FMV, the greatest thing to EVER happen to the games industry? Yes!:)

List items

  • Wish I could have played and owned the original uncut version. Sadly I came to the Sega CD party a little too late and ended up with the edited version instead.

  • I remember seeing commercials for Ground Zero and thinking games were never going to get better than this.

  • This game turned out to be a pleasent surprise for me. I liked Haim from his work in The Lost Boys & License to Drive. I really thought this was the start of all actors making FMV games. Possibly still my favorite FMV game of the bunch.

  • Seemed like the production values on this one were a little higher than the previous CD games I had played. I enjoyed this one. Surprising how many of these FMV games I completed.

  • "Shoot the tubes Dog Meat!" This game came with my Sega CD and I loved every minute of it. Spoiler!!! Nice change of view at the end. Wish I was there right now. (OK, maybe not that big of a spoiler)

  • You know, I don't remember if I beat the final guy on this one or not. I think there were only something like 4 or 5 fighters to beat. Still, pretty cool experience. They should bring this one back for the Wii, PS3 Move and Natal. :D

  • After Burner anyone? I remember thinking this felt like the real life version of Sega's classic. That and I could hear "Danger Zone" playing in the back ground while I played. Hmm...wonder why I wasn't think of "Eye of the Tiger" for Prize Fighter? (Cause I sure as heck had it!) hehe

  • I believe this one came with my CD as well. Those were the days, I got something like 7 games total in that box. Man I miss those days when they would pack in a lot of good games.

  • I must have played this game more than a half dozen times and always got stuck in the exact same spot. I either must not have gotten a particular item or didn't know how to use one of the items that I had. I really wanted to see the end of this one. The acting was stiff, but I liked the way it played out. Made me think of the Bram Stroker's Dracula movie that came out in the early 90's. Maybe I should go back and play this one, see if my older mind can get to the end.

  • Either there was a glitch in this game or I just sucked, I didn't get very deep into this game before I couldn't beat one individual in a fight and quit playing after multiple tries. Sucks because I really liked the setting.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zombies! This games setting was FANTASTIC! There was that great character actor in this one who played the main villian. Not the best looking guy, but I always remembered him as being the guy who was married to the secretary from Moonlighting.

  • Love the feel and time period of this one. I felt lucky to be playing this game everytime I poped it in. Felt like I had brought the arcade home with me. Fantastic!

  • Quite possibly the greatest Tower Defense game every created. Most excellent use of Full Motion Video. Really gives you the feel of playing a science fiction movie from the late 40's early 50's.

    Loved every minute of it! Can't recommend it enough. Looking forward to future DLC.

    It took a long time to come across a new game with FMV that I believe qualified for my list, but Unstoppable Gorg is a winner:)

  • Played some of this one. Never truly drew me in. Maybe I should go back and check it out now that I've enjoyed season after season of Rescue Me.

  • Barely scratched the surface on this one. I believe the gameplay started to decline a bit in later FMV games for the system.

  • Played about as much of this one as I did of Surgical Strike. Both of them felt a lot like the same game to me.

  • Might have played a couple of minutes on this one.

  • Picked this one up because I am a HUGE Cowboys fan. Didn't play much of it though.

  • Yep, I think this game stinks. Played very little of it.

  • I remember seeing ads for this one in magazines, never was able to find it though. Wish I had gotten it.

  • Remember going out and purchasing this one because of owning the second one. Don't think I really was able to solve any cases though. Again, the time period was key.

  • Never was able to find it.

  • Owned it, never played it.

  • Picked this one up after I had joined the Navy. Watched the opening but never went deeper with it then that.

  • Hahahah....I was head over heals for the pink ranger in the early 90's. That made this game a must purchase. Don't remember playing much of it. Seeing this one does remind me of a game missing from my list, something with "Mask" in the title. I will have to find it and place it below.

  • THIS IS IT! The mask game I remember picking up but not having put on my list. Appears there is no photo for this one. That will not do. The hunt begins for a shot of this to upload. Loved the fact this was like a FMV Anime at the time. *See that picture <<<<<? Yep that was me! I added that. Yeah!*

  • Huge fan of Van Damme and liked the novelty of the game. I suck at fighting games, but not as badly as the movie sucked. Why couldn't this movie have been as good as the Mortal Kombat movie just a year earlier?

  • Dudes!!! Two FMV games in less then a year (Unstoppable Gorg is the second)! FMV is back baby!!! This feels like the FMV version of Street Fighter. Kind of how Prize Fighter felt like the FMV version of Punch-Out (sort of). Love that I am getting a chance to add new FMV games to my list in the year 2012:)

  • Passed.

  • Never got it.

  • Remember how they made wearing your pants backwords a fad? Oh and Cross Colors popular? Yeah, I wanted them at the time, but they were like $80-100 a piece! Ridiculous!

  • I believe the lead singer took his only life shortly after this game. Shirly the game didn't have anything to do with that, ya think?

  • Never played.

  • This is the same Daryl Gates from the Rodney King trial. I believe this came out before that situation and they hauled ass away from him after that broke.

  • Want to check it out.

  • Ditto to the above.

  • Better then 7th Guest?

  • I loved loved loved Tia Carrera! Remember how hot she was in True Lies and that love seen in Showdown in Little Tokyo? Wish she had had a stronger carrer. Never played the game though.

  • I want to say I eventually picked this one up, but I may just be thinking about an ad I saw in a magazine and never actually got it.

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  • Recommended by Jessej07