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The Mission

"Operation Midnight", a simple reconnaissance mission, looks straight forward enough. As the rookie gunner of the first Apache "Dragonfly", your job is to rescue Victor Mensch, a world renowned expert on nerve gases who is being held hostage at the Al Shakkur chemical installation deep in enemy territory.

As the rookie of the Midnight Raiders team, you're psyched to get up there and show them what you're made of. But within seconds, two Blackhawk troop carriers are shot down over enemy targets. Waiting for your next command from OpCom, you suddenly realize something has gone terribly wrong. With only 2 choppers and no air cover, you're chances of making it out alive are getting slimmer by the minute. And yet, CIA agent Adams refuses to abort "Operation Midnight".

Now there's no turning back. You've got to penetrate a wall of heavily armed security guards, retrieve the hostage, plant a tactical nuke in a specific locale and get out of the plant before it blows. All Adams asks is that you "extract the professor and leave no traces".

As you dive into danger, first in the air, than on foot and finally by jeep, you can't help but wonder - why was this seemingly ill-fated missions ordered to continue? Could it be that you - a rookie shooter - are completely expendable at the hands of one crooked bureaucrat?

`Taken straight out of the Sega CD manual`

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