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    Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released 1992

    A sequel to the FMV light-gun game Mad Dog McCree. Race the outlaw Mad Dog to lost treasure while fighting off Spanish banditos, Native American renegades, and Mad Dog's gang of bandits.

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    Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold is a historical-fantasy full-motion video light-gun shooter developed and released by American Laser Games for arcades (using Amiga-based ALG hardware) in North America in 1992.

    Developed for the studio's LaserDisc-based hardware, and the sequel to the 1990 game Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog II puts players back in the Old West as a mysterious gunslinger as they race against Mad Dog McCree to fabled Spanish treasure. Along with facing Mad Dog's band of outlaws, the gunslinger must now face off against Spanish banditos and Native American renegades.

    Much of the gameplay is the same as the original, although there is a new branching path system where, early in the game, players choose between one of three guides to rescue (Shooting Beaver, Buckskin Bonnie, and The Professor), affecting which scenes the player plays before reaching the treasure. The game is also known for its climactic penultimate sequence, which involve the camera slowly panning right in a large arc.

    The game later received ports for the Sega CD, 3DO, and CD-i in 1994, with a MS-DOS PCs release later in 1996. These ports vary in video quality and support not only compatible light-guns, but also controllers and mouse inputs (some of which use a separate button for reloading). It later received a DVD-Video game release by Digital Leisure on June 12, 2003, using higher-definition video and simplistic controls (which has players moving the cursor in larger chunks with a standard DVD remote). It was also included in the Wii compilation Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack and received a digital PlayStation 3 release on April 16, 2013 with updated UI and gameplay effects.

    The game was also included in a later revision of the 2002 Global VR PC-based arcade cabinet Six Gun Select, along with Mad Dog McCree, The Last Bounty Hunter, and Fast Draw Showdown.


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