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    Mad Dog McCree

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A generically evil bandit in a Western setting, "Mad Dog" McCree is the main villain in the 'Mad Dog' interactive movie laser games, played by actor and stuntman Rusty Dillen.

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    "Now it's my turn stranger!"
    In the original game named after him, "Mad Dog" McCree is the leader of a notorious gang that first kidnapped the mayor's daughter, then imprisoned the sheriff within his own jail. With no opposition, Mad Dog's gang  proceeded to take over the whole town.
    In the original game, the final confrontation with Mad Dog is in the style of a western showdown. If the player shoots Mad Dog in the head before he can fire a single shot, he will be stunned and drop his pistol. If the player doesn't finish him off quickly, he will pull out a secondary pistol. After having been hit a couple more times, Mad Dog will drop to the ground, dead. Despite this, due to the ironic popularity of the character, McCree returned as the main antagonist in the sequel, Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold.

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